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Amazon services inc.: Using knowledge to drive customer growth

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  1. Do you think Amazon has been successful to date?
  2. What is Amazon's Strategic Service Vision?
    1. Amazon as a E-retailer
    2. Amazon as a web service provider
  3. What are the pros and cons for Amazon in selling its technology and know how to third parties-many of whom are competitors?, Inc. is an American Company founded in 1995 by Jeff Bezos at Seattle. The company started as an online bookstore. In 1995, books were shipped to 50 states and 40 countries but soon the company expanded. It started selling a wider range of products. Its range of products doesn't include only books but also apparels and accessories, electronics, sporting goods, gourmet food, computers, kitchens, toys and so on. It is spread geographically with its websites in the UK, France, Germany, Canada and Japan.
The company went public in 1997. Today, Inc is "the largest retailer on the web, selling almost anything from A to Z" with 35 million customers around the world. To highlight its presence, Amazon changed its logo with an arrow leading from A to Z, showing the desire to sell a variety of products. attracted at least 615 million of visitors annually by 2008, according to a survey. We can consider three main steps in the development of Creation of, real library with a round the clock access on all days of the week, and reach of the brand. From a simple library it became a real supermarket, thanks to an important personalization and customer loyalty. Also, Amazon launched Amazon Web services, Inc in 2003, which is a consulting subsidiary offering e-commerce expertise to merchant retailers.

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