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Analysing Marketing company "Rent-a-car"

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  1. One of the services offered by the company
  2. The unique service characteristics for this service
  3. A service blueprint from customer's point of view
  4. Blueprint from organization's point of view
  5. Recommendations

Enterprise Rent-a-car is the biggest car rental company in Northern America. It has over 5500 local branches in Canada, the US, Ireland, Great Britain and Germany and regulates around 600.000 cars worldwide. It offers car rentals to its customers for time periods from one day up to three months. The Enterprise mainly concentrates on customers, who are mediated by insurance companies, repair shops or big car-dealerships, with whom it has a tie-up. Thus, for example, if a customer's Renault has electronic problems, the customer brings it to the Renault office where he bought the car. The office then calls Enterprise for a replacement vehicle for the duration of the repair time. If the repair is within the warranty time, the office pays the rental fee. But if the warranty is over, the customer has to bear the cost. The same procedure occurs with the independent repair-shops, which are located within the working range of each Enterprise branch.

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