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Analysis and comparison of the advertisements of Gucci and Donna Karan (DKNY)

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  1. introduction
  2. Gucci vs Donna Karan New York
    1. The brands
    2. The adverts
  3. Analyze and assess the positioning strategy of both brands
    1. Targets personality
    2. Motivations and needs
  4. Conclusion
  5. Appendix
    1. Observational or modeling learning
  6. References

Gucci benefits from a high level of awareness and a prestigious status all over the world. This aspect made it a global status symbol. Donna Karan International, designs, manufactures and sells clothes under the name of 4 brands: Donna Karan New York, DKNY, DKNY Jeans and DKNY Active. Donna Karan New York is dedicated to up scaled workmanship. The positioning of these two brands seems to be more affordable than something from Gucci. Indeed, a research conducted by BMRB in April 2002, established that 7% of interviewed have owned something from Donna Kara, versus 4% from Gucci. Therefore, Gucci seems to be considered as the most desirable brand to own by 25% of interviewed people, vs. 9% for Donna Karan. Moreover, Gucci invests more on advertising than does Donna Karan: In 2001, Gucci invested almost 512.900 pounds, while Donna Karan invested almost 66.400 pounds following data from Nielsen Media Research.

[...] Designer clothes are made to be worn in society, and reflect most of the time personalities of the owner. A purchasing decision is not based on simple features. As the motives are personal, they can be called ?emotional motives?. Moreover, these ads do not communicate on the products but on the brands. People do not need to be objective in order to take their decision. It is more a question on how they feel about the ad and the brand? [...]

[...] Today, we can say that the brand is saved and even succeeding in peoples mind, as it is still used in order to show people own level of achievement. Donna Karan does not benefits from this past and awareness. That is why; the target has been well chosen. Indeed, detached, self- sufficient and confident people are often considered as being leaders, and then often imitated, mainly in their purchasing behavior. This is one of the best things to raise the brands awareness. [...]

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