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Analysis of market of the business schools and opportunities for a new entrant

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  1. Introduction
  2. External Analysis
    1. The sports market
    2. The market for sports shoes
    3. Market with respect to running
  3. The internal analysis
    1. Adidas-Salomon (strengths, weaknesses)
    2. Adidas France (strengths, weaknesses)
  4. Marketing Strategy
  5. The Marketing Mix
  6. Conclusion

The objective of this report is directed at the creation of a business school. It is necessary to find an original idea that is implementable as well. The school had to be consistent with the expectations and demands. It should align the training with student demand and meet the increasing demands of companies.

Therefore a survey was taken on the already existing schools on the market and established a position in which competing business schools were weakly present. During the course of the project, many difficulties were encountered.

First, one realized that it was not easy to launch a new business school. The market today is more conducive to creativity; in fact, the vast majority of schools have been present in the market for over fifty years. The globalized world of schools is not just competing at the national level but also and above all in the international level and the trend is the consolidation of institutions and the race to the critical size is emerging.

Moreover, the paucity of information forced limitations to a position in the market regarding the most prestigious schools, and it seems logical that a new entrant cannot compete in a market or bear the weight of reputation and history.

Finally, the creation of a business school is a complex project that must take into account multiple dimensions such as legislation and the administrative steps, the political and economic aid and grants allocated by the government, social factors and so on. The analysis has been restricted due to the above mentioned reasons.

On the market there are five schools, and there are approximately 11,000 students. All these institutions issue the master's degree and are accredited Equis and AACSB. The criteria for analyzing the supply of business schools are innumerable because of their relevance.

Indeed, such things as quality of training, the budget for the establishment, international openness, quality of life within the school and the linkages with recruiters is paramount to observers.

The globalization of the economy leads to the globalization ofeducation.
The subjects covered by the programs of these schools are very similar and reach the same goal: to make students independentframes.
Today provides a good internship is key to good training. It varies by school and has many agreements with national and international companies.
In recent years, there is a new status, the apprentice that allows students to earn wages, not to pay tuition and learn the life of the company better than an internship. ESSEC is a pioneer in this area with 40% of its students with the apprentice status.

The finding is final, plus the budget of a school, the more it attracts students.
Obtaining international labels (AACSB, Equis) and national (master's degree) inevitably passes through a selection of faculty as quality is a substantial investment in research.

The elite of the European Schools is based on the Anglo-Saxon model that cultivates an active search for opportunities for investors, but it garnered increasing expenses and must be financially sound to support this charge.

The budget allocated to teachers is also very important. The largest schools are competing for known teachers as their signature is worth gold to their reputation. Some faculty "stars" can earn up to 150,000 euros per year, but good teachers with PhDs are also expensive.

Tags: market analysis, business schools, opportunities for opening of new schools

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