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Analysis & marketing mix of Air Tahiti

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  1. Introduction
  2. Analysis of the market in terms of the offer
    1. Sector definition
    2. Supply structure
    3. Evolution of the size of the sector
    4. Segmentation
    5. Price evolution
  3. Competition
  4. Distribution
    1. Direct distribution
    2. Indirect distribution
  5. Demand quality
    1. Consumers
    2. Prescribers
  6. Macro environment
    1. Sociocultural factors
    2. French legislation on eco-tourism
    3. Economic factors
  7. SWOT

Who has not dreamed of a day in Tahiti? This destination has a very distant past, and tends to be democratized. With the growth of air transport and the downward blow of the long haul, it becomes increasingly easy to transform from dream to reality.

With the development of tourism, and moreover the mass tourism, the Polynesian islands have experienced very rapid development, and who took to the set economic repercussions in the region. To maintain the development, it was important to sustain access to the regular desert. Polynesian government did not make a mistake.

In 2001, it facilitated the establishment of an airline that specializes in the deserted islands of French Polynesia. It was named Air Tahiti Nui and became successful and also became the reference company. It wished to show and spread the art of living and it was labeled as the 'best service on board'.

To assert itself across the world, Air Tahiti Nui expands on most continents such as Paris, Japan, Oceania and the United States. In 2004, it opened the line in New York known as Papeete. Thus, it was present across the major hubs in the world.

However, despite the commercial success, a number of factors indicate the progress that can be made to the service to make it more profitable and affirmed the image of the company. Thus, to cope with the possible arrival of low cost, the island the company must achieve a compromise between the democratization of the destination and the elitism that it may transpire.

225 000 tourists on an average go to Tahiti. This figure is still in stagnation since 2001 (excluding 2002). At present it seems that the application may have reached saturation. The air activity is dependent on the supply of accommodation on the islands. However, it is likely that the hotel business will be increasing to the extent that the destination is attracting more and more travelers.

In addition it should be noted that the average budget per passenger is further higher than that of a classic destination.
With the economic development of French Polynesia it should take into consideration the request of the professionals.

Finally, the freight traditionally transported by ship, tends more and more to do so by air. The demand is mainly for businesses, for import and export, which grow on the islands, but also by the tourism which accounts for nearly three fourth of the activity of the islands.

The airline Tahitian most used in the Polynesian islands is of famous due to the maintenaince of its equipment and the quality of its service .
Indeed Air Tahiti Nui has been named three years in a row as the best, safest and most serious airline by Skytrax in Polynesia.

Services on board are of equivalent quality to global companies have long been recognized for their reliability, but Air Tahiti Nui offers an extra touch of attention to its customers. The passenger is greeted by the original Polynesian Stewarts all wearing robes in the colors of their islands, and receives the flower of Tahiti.

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