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Analysis of customer satisfaction for Swatch Group

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  1. Introduction
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    2. Key figures
    3. The tour operator
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  3. The various direct marketing materials
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  4. The advantages and disadvantages of the different media used for direct marketing.
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The Swatch Group is the group leader on the international market of watch making. Its sales represent 25% of global sales. The Group is chaired by Nicolas Hayek and its headquarters are located in Biel, Switzerland.

The group also produces brands such as Omega, Longines, Tissot and so on. Moreover, it is present on the market of watch components and jewelry as well. It represents about 20 000 people in 50 countries.

Today, the Group invests heavily in research and development in order to have products in the forefront of technology in areas such as micro electronics and micro mechanics.

It multiplies the sponsorship activities in sports and especially, in motorsport. It is for these reasons that Swatch Group has come to be known as the Official Timekeeper of the Olympic Games.

In addition, this group is proud of its origins and claims, so much so that in Switzerland, it is spoken of as the 27th canton. Hayek highlights a Swatch mindset, which includes a "family" that constitutes the culture of this group. It also conveys this spirit to each of the Swatch watches. At present, it affects both the art and sport, and Swatch is the only brand to have this position.

The shop SWATCH Rennes opened July 3, 1999. In 2001, sales took off. Indeed, this is explained by the fact that the clientele of this store has a loyal clientele. SWATCH this store, unlike the others, is not in partnership with a jeweler and that is its strength.

Indeed,offering only SWATCH watches and jewelry, it can actually enhance the mood of this trademark. Competitors to the Swatch store downtown of Rennes are Local Time, Space, Time and Galeries Lafayette, and they too offer Swatch watches among other brands.

This survey conducted allows the application of the theoretical knowledge taught in courses. Indeed, beyond the initial contact of the interesting world of business, one has been through this satisfaction survey to use one's knowledge in marketing, communication, analytical, but also for critical thinking. In addition, it allowed for the first time the use of a professional software: SPAD.

SWATCH store is in good economic health, the manager intends to assess customer satisfaction in order to continue to best meet the expectations of them This assessment should cover the overall welcoming atmosphere of the store, the layout of the store, and the quality of services and the interaction between the vendors and the customers.

This satisfaction survey helped to highlight the positives and areas for improvement to best meet customer demands of the Swatch store in Rennes.
These were mostly very satisfied with the welcome and the atmosphere of the store which they found original. The vendors were highly regarded for their professionalism and conveys well the Swatch brand image. As for the store layout, the customer is satisfied.

The clientele of the store Swatch Rennes is generally satisfied, which explains the economic health of it. However, it would be interesting to work on areas for improvement to may be further increase the sales.

Tags: Swatch watches, survey and analysis of customer satisfaction, swatch store

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