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Analysis of marketing business "Smartbox"

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Every organization operates in an environment and no organization can exist in a bubble of its own. All companies obtain raw materials, labor, information and other diverse resources from the environment. Most of the strategists confirm that a thorough understanding of the environment is necessary for businesses to develop an effective corporate strategy.

As elements of the environment change, the organization has to adjust its corporate strategy accordingly to sustain competitive advantage. Hence, it is essential for an organization to be familiar with the environment in which it operates or which affects it in some way or the other.

As a consultant commissioned by the company, Vision Consulting Group has been assigned the task of evaluating the business environment of Smartbox. By doing so, it becomes indispensable to explore the environment in which the gift box market operates.
We think that the Smartbox philosophy is actually effective, and with these methods, which we advice, the company will acquire goals according its strategy.

[...] Positioning of Smartbox in Smart&Co portfolio: The BCG matrix of the group's companies enables us to observe different trends: - ?Smartbox? and ?Smartholiday? are business units. They have high market shares in a growing market. - and ?Euphorie? are ?Cashcows?. They are in a mature market but have high market shares so they provide money to the Smart&Co group for future investments. - ?Smart Experience? is a ?Question mark?. Indeed, it is in a growing market but has a low market share. [...]

[...] Wonderbox Wonderbox is the principal competitor of Smart&Co, epecially the Smartbox, as it offers leisure gift packages. This company proposes about 600 activities with 2000 providers and 26 different gift packages. Wonderbox's positioning is based on the motto:?WonderBox realizes all your dreams? MagicDay THEMATHYS - Companies offering an offer indirectly competing with Smartbox They offer general leisure activities (for example, the travel agency on the Internet) and present ideas and gifts online. Indirect competitors are sufficiently numerous for all companies on the gift and recreation market. [...]

[...] - Demand conditions: The gift box market is not yet developed in China; however on perceiving the increase of the medium class in China, and the increase of business class in Shanghai, Hong Kong and Beijing, it seems profitable to develop this kind of activity, indeed, China will be one of countries that will reach a positive rate growth for 2010. Moreover, we can observe an increase in travel by the Chinese within the country. - Related and supporting industries: Although it is a good opportunity to launch gift boxes in China, the company activities have to primarily target Chinese people, so it's important to recruit local staff in order to be aware of local expectations. [...]

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