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Analysis of marketing of Power Ball

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Sports and fitness have become a part of everyday life. Many techniques can increase their capacity but are not always well suited to the development of muscles.

Power Ball France is a young company that markets the complete range of Power Ball on the internet and in shops across Paris. This company is the exclusive distributor of these revolutionary products in France.

The Power Ball is a unique and innovative product that provides incomparable sensations. It's a fun product that is bound to fitness. Approved by professionals, its benefits have been proven repeatedly.

The Power Ball is the latest in the fitness segment and will bring enormous benefits to golfers, tennis and handball players. This is the most powerful and fast ball in the world.

The goal is to link the flagship product to superstores in order to know the product that is close to the target (the sports and youth) and popularize the product to obtain a strong reputation. Having proven itself on the internet and in many countries, the Power Ball is being gradually conquered by the French market.

Powerball France isfirst contacted via mailing Decathlon Angers powerful with the general advantage of its flagship product: the Powerball. This choice is deliberate in that the product is a concept product and surprisingly little known at this time the amongst the general public.

At present, there are no products fulfilling the functions of the Powerball. The people might be interested in this revolutionary product .
It already meets two of expectations:
It is a product for all athletes even the most demandingand
above all, a product for everyone because of its more developed lucrative side.?

Powerball France is located at Angers (with no other premises in France)
It is a wholesale and specialized company with around seven employees. Powerball France is the exclusive distributor of the product "Powerball" on French territory.

After importing the product from Ireland, two young people have created "Powerball France" and entered the Web in marketing the Powerball. Due to the success of the product for its remote sales, the company decided to focus on direct sales presence in the sports store (like Decathlon, Twinner, Intersport etc..) Gadgets or stores in Paris the development is just beginning Province. Besides the famous Powerball, the company sells other gadgets Anjou.

Tags : Powerball France, marketing, distribution process

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