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Analysis of New Frontiers

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  1. Introduction
  2. Introducing New Frontiers
    1. Milestones
    2. Key figures
    3. The tour operator
    4. Destinations
  3. The various direct marketing materials
    1. Direct marketing
    2. Direct telephone marketing
    3. The big media marketing
  4. The advantages and disadvantages of the different media used for direct marketing.
  5. Database and files

The company "Nouvelles Frontieres", was chosen as a subject because this study is interested in all the four sectors of tourism, and it needs to discover how the company uses direct marketing.

Direct marketing is a tool, and a business approach that is critical to a company. It is characterized by an approach to the customer without intermediaries, personalized, and is maintained at a distance.

Direct marketing is both a means of distribution, communication mode, a mode of sale, and strategy. In direct marketing, the target is sent the offer by mail, e-mail, phone, SMS, or is printed without addresses and stored in mailboxes.

At the same time, the prospective client provides means to easily respond to its offers and to measure the returns. New Frontiers uses direct marketing. Some media are more popular than others and will be set up soon.

In the first part, the report begins, by presenting the company Nouvelles Frontieres. In the second part, it will discuss the various media included in the written direct marketing, telephone, and large media. It concludes by outlining the method used by New Frontiers to create and enrich their databases and customer files.

In order to position itself in the niche of cheap travel accessible to all(with three founding principles: large purchases, a circuit court,voluntarily reduced margins), New Frontiers was launched throughout its evolution in a large direct marketing campaign. The first ad campaigns are designed to let thepress know that it is now possible for all French nationals to travel and for creating a strong brand.

In 1995, the agency develops its New Frontiers direct marketing by helping to create a site on the net, it is the first in its market. In October 1998, on the recommendation of the agency Synergence,New Frontiers launches auction of travel, which was an immediate success.

In February 2005, New Frontiers launches a new version of its website. The portal then undergoes major changes to be part of a strategy to win over customers. Since the launch of the new version New Frontiers has increased its business volume by 50% compared to last year during the months of June, July and August. Indeed, the best designed site more attractive and secure permits a greater number of people previously reluctant to order a flight or plan a trip online.

For any successful business, the databases are very important, so New Frontiers has a lot of interest in the management of files. These are created through various means. First, the prospects may be individuals who surrendered to the agency for information and who have left their addresses and e-mails. Files can also be enriched by contact customers who have made an order. There are also individuals who have subscribed to the newsletter with the discovery of the website where they can subscribe to it.

Word of mouth is also a popular way to enrich the database as a large number of satisfied customers talk about their agency: New Frontiers
All of these potential or current clients form a database that allows the creation of client groups homogeneous in terms of interests, motivations, expectations, products. The purpose is to thank the customer, and provide benefits to those who consume the most.

Tags: New Frontiers agency, concept of direct marketing and successful business management

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