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Analysis of Porter's Five Forces

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  1. Introduction
  2. The marketing mix
    1. The product policy
    2. Differentiation by product
  3. Analysis of the range
  4. The pricing policy
  5. The distribution policy
  6. Communication policy
  7. Strengths & Weaknesses
  8. Conclusion

This document summarizes three marketing strategies, namely: cost leadership, differentiation and focus. Here is an excerpt regarding them: "Cost leadership is to impose more or less expensive prices than its competitors. The goal here is to reduce the cost incurred by the product, improving the productivity in two ways: - by concentrating the management efforts on the product (manufacture, storage, transportation), and by maximizing the sales volume (search for the effect of experience and economies of scale). This strategy may be effective for industries of volume, when the effect of experience and economies of scale are important and when the possibilities of differentiation are few."

Tags: Marketing Strategy, Cost Leadership, Cost Differentiation, Cost Focus

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