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The Pierre & Vacances Group

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  1. The basic framework
  2. The world demand
  3. The World Offer
  4. SWOT Analysis of the Group
  5. Conclusions and recommendations

Pierre & Vacances is one of the leading European groups in lending holiday apartments. Its success is based on an economic model based on the synergy between real estate and tourism. The headquarters is located in Europe with more than 8 complementary brands.

? Commitments / Values

The P & V Group is clearly committed to a sustainable development approach through the establishment of a partnership with WWF signed in 2005. WWF France, one of the largest organizations of conservation of animals and Group Pierre & Vacances, the European leader of renting vacation homes, have a common ambitions of promoting sustainable tourism and construction.

- "The Pierre & Vacances is a powerful lever to raise approximately 7 million tourists who stay in villages, to respect the environment. It's also a way for the WWF to demonstrate the reduction of negative impacts and behavior changes in tourism and travel". -Daniel Richard said, President of WWF France.

The values of the Group P & V are defined by family vacation, relaxation and quality. The goal is to provide rental accommodation to all customer segments (8 complementary brands) and all ranges of prices (all positions).

? Strategies and objectives

? Stay in the heart of business of renting residences in order to avoid confrontation with other business models and other corporate cultures.

? A strong international ambition
The Pierre & Vacances Group has become an international group because it has developed numerous projects in Europe and in the Mediterranean (Morocco with the Eco-Resorts, and in Spain). Pierre & Vacances strengthens its presence in key European markets, by developing new distribution channels (Internet, business offices).

? To stay on top of the competition:
Particularly through the development of Center Parcs, targeted acquisitions (the Senioriales, Sunparks) and partnerships with major operators (Euro Disney, Accor), Pierre & Vacances is constantly expanding its range, while remaining faithful to the profession that makes twice its success with real estate and tourism.

? Active involvement in sustainable development
Group Pierre & Vacances has placed sustainable development at the heart of its strategy. In a span of three years, an action plan was deployed and structured around three main axes:

? The preservation of natural resources,
? The fight against climate change,
? The involvement of its employees, suppliers, partners and customers (and all subsidiaries).

Group Pierre & Vacances saw two major acquisitions in 2006/07: the acquisition of Sunparks and the Belgium group Senioriales. It has also partnered with Accor in the growing market of renting urban residences. With the continued growth, many real estate and tourism projects are nearing completion (including the creation of two new Center Parcs) with an exploration of active land policies; the Group confirms the strength and dynamism of its business model (business model).

[...] Seasonal variations Like all the tourist activities, the Pierre & Vacances Group is subject to the vagaries of seasons. There are peak periods for some activities for the summer holidays (July and August), the winter season in the month of February and the Christmas holidays (100% full in 2008 in the residences of the Alps for Christmas). Then there are some good times during Halloween, Easter and on some weekends and bridge periods of low profits and the mid season where the company has to innovate on "pricing" (promotional offers, last minute sales, early booking). [...]

[...] Targets Group Pierre & Vacances was historically established for renting holiday apartments for families, that constitute 80-90% of its customers. The standard client is a family, attracted by the estate, wanting to have a vacation. Family here is definedbroadly, as traditional, blended and incorporated with senior citizens and their grandchildren. Being with loved ones, reconnections with one's family, friends and children, is a rising expectation. Maeva brand, attracts employees and middle managers with their family, as couples or with friends. [...]

[...] This is explained by various criteria: The leading status of the company in the market for vacation rentals, 40 years of experience and thus its experience curve The competitive position of the company and position (it tends towards the high end in general) Quality of infrastructure and services offered Investment and production costs associated with its business Market shares of the Pierre & Vacances Group and its direct competitors (sales in in the year 2007) P & V dominates the market for vacation rentals in France in terms of turnover, it alone owns almost two thirds of the market shares. [...]

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