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Analysis of the Toyota company

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  1. Introduction
  2. Analysis of the market in terms of the offer
    1. Sector definition
    2. Supply structure
    3. Evolution of the size of the sector
    4. Segmentation
    5. Price evolution
  3. Competition
  4. Distribution
    1. Direct distribution
    2. Indirect distribution
  5. Demand quality
    1. Consumers
    2. Prescribers
  6. Macro environment
    1. Sociocultural factors
    2. French legislation on eco-tourism
    3. Economic factors
  7. SWOT

From humble beginnings, a genuine global giant was born. A global company par excellence, Toyota Motor Corporation is present on all continents, where it manufactures and distributes its vehicles.

Toyota is considered the most admired manufacturer in the world and is now among the best known companies in the world. As one of the leading manufacturers in general, the group produces and markets an impressive range, totaling more than 5.8 million vehicles on five continents. In 2008, the group crossed the symbolic threshold of 10 million vehicles sold, becoming the world leader General Motors of dislodging the leading position that it occupied for 75 years.

The important questions to ask are the reasons for this success, and the strategies behind this success. To fully understand the values and principles that govern this exclusive company, it will study in the first part about its history, which will be the ideal starting point to illustrate the history of Toyota.

Subsequently, it will analyze the two strategies used by Toyota, namely the GST, a true benchmark in the production process, and the LMO method combining marketing, customer relationship management and quality. Finally, it will examine what is contemplated by the group to maintain its level and truly become the leader in car manufacturing.

Like many companies that have made history, Toyota has been shaped by a unique set of values and principles which dates back to the creation of society in Japan.

Although the group now employs over 240,000 people worldwide, Toyota is in many ways a big "family business", in which the founding family still exercises considerable influence.

To understand how Toyota has become the best automaker in the world, one must first know the history and personalities of the members of the founding family, who left an indelible mark in theToyota culture.

The most important thing about this is not a family who controls the company (as is also the case of Ford), but the remarkable consistency of leadership and philosophy throughout the history ofToyota. The roots of all the principles of the Toyota Way can be traced to thebeginnings of the company.

Toyota was born in a field very distant from the automotive industry,in which it has since made a name as the first products were Toyota looms. The story begins with Sakichi Toyoda, a tinkerer and inventor, a bit like Henry Ford. In the early 20th century, the young Sakichi Toyoda was a carpenter in Nagoya, the active center of cotton production.

At that time, weaving was an important industry. Indeed, while Japanhad greatly increased its production activity based fibers in cottonlooms large Western developed to supplant the British Empire in exports to Asia.

The Toyota Group has now been extended to partners in the Toyota world.But because today's leaders have not experienced the horrors of the creation of the business, Toyota continues to consider how to teach and reinforce the value system that prompted the founders to go to the field, to innovate and to analyze in detail the problems based on facts.

This is the legacy of the Toyoda family. Today Toyota Motor Corporation is the second manufacturer in the world, the range proposed, one of the largest in the world, stretching from the town car to the general "trucks".

Tags: Toyota, history of the company, values and prinicples followed by the company

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