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Analyzing H&M

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  1. Comparing the companies
    1. Choosing the companies for a good comparison
    2. Analyzing the companies with the square model
    3. Comparing the structure of the assets
  2. Analyzing H&M with the triangle model
  3. Business concept
    1. H&M's business concept
    2. From idea to store
    3. Design and buying
    4. Collections created with the customer in focus
    5. One team for each concept
    6. Mix of basics, current fashion and trend garments
    7. The right lead time for each item
    8. Fast and efficient logistics flows
  4. Fast Fashion Strategy
  5. Ownership
    1. A family-owned company
    2. Releasing information
  6. Real Estates
    1. Leasing store premises
    2. Best business location principle and suppliers
  7. Risk management
    1. Fashion risk
    2. Financial risk
  8. Social responsibility
  9. Forecast
    1. Knowing and analyzing the market
    2. H&M growth target

Our previous paper had concentrated its analysis on H&M with the implementation and subsequent consequences of the square model. We thereafter discovered that this company has created a solid foundation for a success story and this in turn provides a very green picture to the business world especially the H&M sectors. In this upcoming paper, we will be delving into more details by trying to investigate why, how and through what means has this company managed to build such a strong brand image. We will also provide an analysis of H&M using the triangle model. The aim is that this triangle model, will uncover all the hidden stories with respect to the success of H&M.

[...] Analysis of H&M For high-volume fashion basics and children?s wear it is clearly advantageous to be able to place orders far in advance. Trendier garments in smaller volumes require considerably shorter lead times. We need to be able to get supplementary orders out into the stores within just a few weeks. We aim to cut lead times further by developing our advanced planning. The later an order can be placed, the better becomes the precision and the greater the flexibility allowing stores to be restocked quickly with the best-selling goods. [...]

[...] H&M only designs and sells the clothes, but doesn?t produce them. H&M doesn?t own any fabrics either, and the production is done by about 700 independent suppliers. Using suppliers instead of own factories and leasing instead of owning real estates keep balance sheet light and set free the capital that it uses to growth. Risk management Fashion risk H&M is a textile company that aims to offer their customer chic clothing at relatively low price. Like José María Castellano, Spanish rival Inditex?s former vice-president used to say: fashion industry always faces the risk of how well the public accepts its collections,?4 people might love their lines at this moment and forget completely about that in the next. [...]

[...] Analysis of H&M Analyzing the companies with the square model To make a analysis we are going to compare the companies with a five year figures. In this page, you find the square model drawn for all the companies with an analysis of 5 years, from 2001 to 2005. Revenue Cost Assets Liabiliti es Equity Analysis of H&M Approximately the same trends particularly between H&M and Inditex Caution with Abercrombie because it does not have the same level of revenue Liabilities do not increase for H&M and an increase in revenue seems to be transformed in an increase of equity Difficulties in 2004 for Abercrombie, indeed, equity decrease why? [...]

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