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Apple Inc. - Marketing Project

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  1. The situation analysis
    1. History and the environment of Apple Inc
    2. The industry
    3. The firm
    4. The marketing process for one company's offer
  2. Apple's SWOT analysis
    1. Strengths
    2. Weaknesses
    3. Opportunities
    4. Threats

Apple Inc was created in 1976 by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. The two students would not believe that they had founded one of the biggest companies of the 21th century. They started to produce their first item ?Apple I? in their own garage. Soon, the demand for their product shot up and the homemade production began to rise.

The next step was to think global and create a computer that could be used by everyone in a larger production scenario. The Apple II was born in 1977 with the aid from Mike Markkuka who invested about $ 250 000 . .It was a huge success and the growth rate was unbelievable. A new market developed with the launch of this product: the personal computer market.

This market witnessed an unexpected growth till the present date as technologies incorporated into computers are nowadays more and more efficient and powerful.

Within a span of 30 years, this niche market transformed into a huge consumption market. In 2008, Gartner, a consulting practice estimated that about one billion of computers are used in the world. This can be attributed to the proliferation of computer skills and education to children present in developing countries as well.

Apart from computers, Apple focuses on its latest technological innovation-the iphone too. Its portfolio changed over the years and today, it has evolved from developing laptops to downloading platform with Itunes or mobile phones with Iphone.
The company has always faced crises periods by emerging with new products and efficient marketing strategies lead by its emblematic CEO Steve Jobs.

[...] Perhaps this explains the reason why Apple is not scared about the competition because they could provide an answer to nearly all the threats of new entrants very rapidly Threat of substitute products Apple Inc. is a self sufficient company. They produce their own hardware, software, operating systems and peripherals such as consumer electronics. This made it very difficult for competitors and new entrants to the market alike or to copy their ideas. There were many attempts to clone the Apple concept but none were successful, while other companies such as IBM became a victim to this. [...]

[...] Recommendations about Apple Inc's marketing strategy We have noticed that Steve Jobs has exerted a very important influence on the brand image. Unfortunately, it has its bad facets because it could be very dangerous. He is at the beginning of each buzz and his presentations called ?keynote? (name of their main product presentation) are expected by all the specialized magazines and fans. This is because each launch brings the opportunity to know more about the products and about the development that Apple follows. [...]

[...] The marketing process for the company's offer We decided to analyze a revolutionary product of Apple in the mobile phone market. Despite Apple's high efficiency in computers, laptops or MP3 devices, the company knew to diversify its offer in a new market as we saw before. We are going to discover the marketing process of this flagship product of Apple: The Iphone. Iphone 3G.S The marketplace As Apple did before with their MP3 devices product range, they decided to enter a new market: the mobile phone market. [...]

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