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Application of Classical conditioning in Marketing

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  1. Introduction
  2. The classical conditioning theory
  3. Principles of good marketing strategies and application of classical conditioning to the strategies
  4. Limitations of application of classical conditioning in marketing strategies
  5. Synchronization to reduce the effects of the disadvantages
  6. Conclusion

The classical conditioning theory is among the most influential behavioral theories in the field of psychology. Behaviorists believe the environment is the single biggest determinant of human behavior, values and attitudes. Therefore, behavioral theories explain how manipulation of environmental functions can produce specific reactions in humans (Domjan& Burkhard, 2007). Therefore, these theories are of significant relevance to marketing because marketing strategies attempt to create attitudes that direct the purchasing behavior of consumers and sustain these attitudes over long periods.

Ivan Pavlov proposed the classical conditioning theory(Domjan & Burkhard, 2007). Pavlov conditioned a dog to respond a certain way to a particular stimuli by using the principles of association. In time, he was able to establish a specific response in the dog, even in the absence of the stimuli. The process of conditioning has four principles(Domjan & Burkhard, 2007). All the principles are important in understanding the theory and consequently its significance in direction of marketing strategies.

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