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Aubade on the lingerie market

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  1. The strengths for Aubade on the lingerie market
    1. Its know-how
    2. It is a famous brand in France
    3. It never renounced to its basics
  2. Aubade's weaknesses
    1. It is a small sized firm
    2. It lacks of diversification
    3. Aubade still suffers from a lack of exports
  3. Opportunities and threats
    1. Opportunity: The lingerie market is growing
    2. Threats

Aubade has managed to become one of the most famous lingerie brands on the French market, basically owing to the impact of the publicity campaign led by Ann-Charlotte Pasquier since 1992. Aubade has always innovated without renouncing to the basics. Its product line kept to the basic shapes and materials but evolved along with fashion. It has been a judicious choice, as far as they kept on making colored and printed lingerie, which as always been a specialty of the brand which is highly fashionable.

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