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Bacardi vs Smirnoff

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  1. Bacardi Breezer advertising objectives.
    1. The target audience.
    2. The products.
    3. The promotions mix.
    4. The competition.
  2. Advertising and promotions.
  3. Competitive differentiation.
    1. Number of sales.
    2. Award for the innovative products.
    3. The packaging of the products.
    4. Benefits and differences.

Founded in Cuba in 1862, by Don Facundo Bacardi, Bacardi has grown to become the world's leading producer of rum.

When rum was first produced by distilling sugar cane juice, it was an unrefined, fiery drink that became associated with the sailors and pirates of the Caribbean seaports.

When, Don Bacardi immigrated to Cuba from Spain in 1829, he brought with him an inventive mind and a love of drinking. He discovered that the rum produced in the island was of a rich, dark and almost overwhelming nature.

This began to change in 1862, when, after much experimentation with the distillation process, Don Bacardi, by discovering that a lighter, smoother, and more flavourful drink could be distilled from the original rum formula, founded Bacardi in Cuba, and began the development of the new type of rum.

[...] Although Bacardi have Bacardi Representatives, who deal with off-licences and bars, Smirnoff Ice and other Smirnoff products are distributed through the UDV division of Guinness. Therefore, Guinness representatives would also deal with queries referring to the brand Smirnoff Ice. Direct Selling- Marketing Direct selling is any form of promotion that adds value by establishing a direct relationship with the customer, for example, junk mail and email promotions- this being classified as virtual marketing. As in the previous example of online promotions and integrated marketing for Maxim Men's magazine, Smirnoff Ice created wide variety of advertisements applying online creative concepts. [...]

[...] The Bacardi Breezer Tomcat has shown as suffering the effects of a hard- living lifestyle in the brand's latest TV campaign through McCann-Erickson. The Tomcat campaign has traditionally used a wide range of media and PR activity to support the TV ads. Tomcat also featured in the print advertisements of the campaign, which concentrated on print media and six sheets. The latest launch of ?Bacardi Breezer Twist' has concentrated mainly on a print media campaign in popular magazines in the UK and Ireland. [...]

[...] Sponsorship/Internet An internet sponsorship strategy has worked very well for Bacardi Breezer, sponsorship enables the brand to expose to a greater number of web users .Two examples can be illustrated to explain this. The last Internet sponsorship by Bacardi Breezer was on The sponsorship on Channel 4's website in the form of an Oscar's micro site and was accompanied by banners across the entire channel4 network and communication in the Film four and Bacardi Breezer newsletters. In May 2000, rivals Digital Media, Europe's leading digital sports company developed and hosted a World Cup microsite for Bacardi Breezer on Tomcat. [...]

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