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Basic elements of negotiation

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  1. What is the logic of the group?
  2. Are there synergies between areas of the Virgin Group?
  3. Does the Virgin Group improve the performance of its subsidiaries?If so, how?
  4. What are the main challenges that the Virgin Group faces and how can they be overcome?
    1. The brand
    2. The charismatic leader: Richard Branson
    3. The financial strategy

The essential requirements definition must include a number of factors:-the reference product or service requested designation of the quantity and the manufacturer's name must not be forgotten. It is an important starting point for research by the buyer.

The description of the brand will, within the framework of an incomplete reference, be faulty or obsolete, or depend on the answers provided by the supplier. It then engages in a process of technical support.

With these clarifications the specifications that are incorrectly prepared beforehand becomes functional. The information given by the seller to pass through the buyer will be obliged to check or change the needs before giving its approval on the product. This spot does not lie with the buyer.

Its function is to buy a reference or a service in the best possible conditions: price, delivery, and quality. Its mission is not to define the application, but to obtain the success of its practical realization.

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