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Beer in the sector of marketing

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  1. Summary
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This document deals with the evolution of beer manufacturing, packaging and distribution of beer that does not tend to undergo major changes. But for the sake of international competitiveness, France tends to modernize its production equipment.

Regulation Beer, like any other alcohol, faces strict legislation and is subject to many laws. Among them, the best known in France is the Evin law (effective from January 1991) is used to fight against smoking and alcoholism. It prohibits advertising on television or in films and oversees certain actions such as philanthropy. It also requires all labels to be labelled "alcohol abuse is dangerous for health."

It may be noted that the wine has faced a certain development of its status as a secular tradition in France. Another law that came into force most recently directly addresses the taxation of beer producers. Indeed, this legislation (which entered into force in 2005) provides that a producer must pay a fee of 110 euros per liter of pure alcohol (1.5 euros per 25cl bottle produced).

Once again, wine is not affected by this measure. Despite this, the brands are trying to find counter measures to avoid this tax as well as find new markets and include the creation of new beers that do not bear the name, such as "malternatives", initiated by Inbev and its "Boomerang".

More and more French people are now sensitive to the effects of alcohol on their bodies (86% of French people monitor their alcohol consumption). This is partly thanks to campaigns against alcoholismand alcohol tests by law enforcement to do their best to limit the consumption of liquor.

In addition, beer consumption is not the same across regions. Thus, the north and east of France remain the parties of the hexagon are most affected. Finally, sales of beer vary with the seasons, so there is a seasonality in the consumption of this drink with peaks during the summer because of heat, but also on the vacation side of rest and relaxation.

In a context of mutation of the beer market, it is no longer enough to study the behavior of consumers in their purchases, but must also consider their expectations.
In fact, beer consumption has fallen year on year in France, it is then necessary to find cures to attract new consumers.
Sales of premium beer is down slightly either in volume or value although it still accounts for half of beer sales by volume in France (for just over a third in value).

Sales of specialty beers are also slightly down and they represent 25% of beer sales volume and nearly 30% in value. It may be noted that unlike the general trend, 2004 is the first year that sales of these beers are reduced.

Contrary to popular belief including ideas conveyed by a mixture made with wine consumption, it is found that by studying the overall French market that France is a country that is ahead of the other European countries in terms of beer consumers and consumption.

Tags: Beer sector, marketing, beer consumption in France

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