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Bikini restaurant : our innovative concept

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  1. Description of our concept
    1. The restaurant
    2. Location
  2. Market study
    1. Analysis of the demand
    2. The competition
  3. The communication plan
    1. Our logo
    2. The media plan
    3. The out of media plan
  4. Concrete installation
    1. Legislation
    2. Legal form of our society
    3. Human ressources
    4. Opening hours
    5. Plan of the restaurant
    6. The menu
    7. Outline of the projected budget

Our principal idea is the opening of a new restaurant intended for the general public and especially for students aged between 18 and 25. Indeed, we noted that the tendency in eastern France was ?to eat well, eat quickly?. This is why we felt that students would be interested in a restaurant that offers organic food.
We thus decided to open a restaurant responding to this fashion but we also wanted to propose an innovative concept and an original framework.

The goal is to offer quality dishes at reasonable prices along with fast service.

It will be a restaurant with an unusual and original decoration because the place will look like a beach and not like a casual restaurant. There will be sand, beach umbrellas, and cool music along with the sound of the waves. We will also offer people the possibility to relax by lying on our comfortable deckchairs. Our guests could also make use of sunbath facilities provided under our sunlamps.

We want to divide the room into two parts:
- a bar with cocktails: the drinks will be prepared in front of the customers with fresh fruits
- a restaurant: a grill restaurant with organic food, comprising vegetables, fish and meat.

The lunch: At midday, we will offer sandwiches to students so that they can eat in the restaurant or take away the sandwiches and drinks. Everyday, we will also propose a dish of the day in order to satisfy another type of customers represented by the employees from the stores and offices located in the centre-town of Metz.

[...] Our concept is more innovative, and we have to make it known. We also have to lean on performance and a clear image of our concept. That's why we have made a communication plan. Our budget is quite small, and our communication plan has to be coherent and cheap. In this part, we will present the media plan and the out of media plan. III.2. The media plan A. The choice of the media. Three steps are necessary to choose the final media that we are going to use. [...]

[...] We can say that the combination of a restaurant with a bar is a good idea because this concept is not really prevalent in the center-town of Metz. The basis of our concept was to offer organic-food dishes to students and thanks to the questionnaires, we learned that they don't really often go to the restaurant. That's why we will focus on the offering of sandwiches for their lunch breaks. Moreover, we decided to extend our clientele to workers. Owing to the fact that we are localized in the center of town, we are near the stores and we can thus receive the employees and workers during their lunch break. [...]

[...] Our concept is to have a restaurant and a bar in the same place because we know that students like going out in original and cool places in order to have a drink. According to this concept, we had to know how often they go out to have a drink. Thanks to the analysis of question we can confirm that students enjoy going out and having a drink because 98% of them go out to have a drink at least once in a month and 37% of them do it once a week. [...]

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