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Brand image management Marlboro vs. Camel in Germany

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  1. Projected image by Marlboro
  2. Projected image by Camel
  3. Comparison of the projected images
  4. Techniques employed by Marlboro to project those images
  5. Techniques employed by Camel to project those images
  6. Positioning strategy of both brands with reference to attitudes and change in the target market

Let us look into the projected image by the brand Marlboro. This advert shows a man or a Cowboy, galloping in his horse through the woods. This action gives the movement to the picture and brings life to the advert. There is not much text, and the only word that can be read clearly in the advert is "Marlboro" in big white letters at the bottom right of the advert. On the bottom left, one can also read in small white letters: "The quantity of tear and Nicotine that you inhale will vary depending on how you smoke your cigarette". By displaying such a statement, Marlboro clearly states that it isn't Marlboros fault if the smoker can't smoke properly and inhales more than he should. The Cowboy is wearing a white hat (symbolizing purity), a blue shirt and he is holding a riding crop in his right hand, hitting the horse to make him gallop faster, which is a symbol for power. This is the only thing that can be seen in the advert. There are no logos, or pack of cigarettes. The reason for such an advert is to throw light on the brand's heuristic attitude which makes the consumers make quick and easy choices based on the brand name/recognition, which can be done because there is a low involvement of the consumer when buying Marlboro. If we look at the projected image by Camel, in the advert, one can see two male fingers holding up a card with a laughing couple on it who are dressed in a very stylish way. On the background, we can see a big metropolitan city by the sea; with a blue sky on the horizon. The color that predominates in this advert is blue.

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