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Brand Management Project: Fast Bio

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  1. Market study
    1. Catering presentation
    2. Bio products and trends
    3. Bio fast food, example of a successful story
    4. The competitors
  2. Fast & Bio concept
    1. Positioning statement
    2. Swot analysis
  3. Marketing policy and Brand promotion
    1. Positioning map
    2. Marketing mix
  4. Financial part
    1. Start-up expenses
    2. Fixed and variable cost
    3. Sales forecast and cash flow
    4. Communication budget

Despite the increasing rate of unemployment, companies going bankrupt and the lack of trust in the bank and credit companies, the food budget is growing. In the 1980s, French consumers had 12.2 % of their meals outside their homes compared to 19% in 2008. With the 35 hours a week of work, the generalization of the nonstop day of work and the increasing amount active women, the market is becoming bigger. A good value for money and a level of quality are the two main qualities that people are looking for. In the current catering industry, people are willing for diversity. The catering place in the French culture is important. French people are used to going out to have lunch or dinner. It can be considered as a national tradition. In the business area, we see that a good deal of people in France going out for lunch. This would allow business people to enjoy healthy food in the companies cafeteria. Since the 90s, French people have increased their budget for food, and the main reason is that they are willing to spend more money to avoid 'junk food'. By proposing a new fast food, with only biological, natural, healthy products, and also providing advices about food, we answer to the demand of eating better.

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