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Brand management: Quicksilver

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  1. Background
  2. Marketing mix
  3. Strategy of the brand
    1. Extension of the range
    2. Sponsoring
    3. Evolution of the brand

In order to gain a competitive advantage over rivals, companies create brands that represent aspirations and a desirable image of life that the customer would like to identify with. Brands are accused of all sorts of evils, from threatening our health and destroying our environment to corrupting our children. Brands are so powerful, it is said that they force us to look alike, eat alike and be alike.

Historically, building a brand was rather simple. Nowadays, it is harder to reach the consumers. They are now bombarded with many different choices. They are also busier; more distracted and have more media to choose from.

In this coursework, I analyze the development strategy of quicksilver. I am enthusiastic about Quicksilver's clothes and sports, especially surfing and windsurfing. I think this brand has an original development strategy that allows it for being a reference actor in product development and leader in the outdoor market. Firstly, I will tell you more about my chosen brand (background). Further, I will present the marketing mix and finally, the aim of the coursework is to analyze the strategic development of Quicksilver.

[...] In spite of all these points, Quicksilver has some weaknesses which it tries to remedy like: - A brand image based on the community of surfing, limiting the openings in other markets. - The project is too restraint because the brand targets only teenagers, who are demanding. Evolution of the brand At the beginning of the 80s, Harry Hodge and Jeff Hackman created a subsidiary in France, Biarritz. But, in France, surfing was a seasonal sports activity. The challenge for them was to find out how to make their brand make sales all year long They even noticed that skiing clothes were not appropriate for the sport. [...]

[...] In 1974, his meeting with the American surfing champion Jeff Hackman changed the story of the small firm and he gave him a decisive impulse and so the adventure of Quicksilver began. II. Marketing mix Products The products of Quicksilver are based on the values of the surfer community and on strong authenticity. They are mainly of good quality and comfortable products of surf wear. The company innovates perpetually to propose new state-of-the-art products. The characteristic of the sportswear is a modern design reminding us of the sea and the nature; it confers a very young and relaxed image of products. [...]

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