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"Brand Senses" management

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  1. Brand Senses
  2. Sensory system
    1. Sight
    2. Smell
    3. Sound
    4. Touch
    5. Taste
  3. Application of sensory perception
  4. Measuring senses
    1. Measuring senses via memory
    2. Measuring senses via experiences

Brand sense is based on an exclusive global study of branding and sensory awareness. According to Lindstrom, 'brand sense is of five different senses, which are touch, taste, smell, sight and sound. These five senses affect the brand creation and retail experiences'. In fact, people's senses usually influence their choice, for example, people choose fresh and avoid rotten food by smell. Or the great vision and sound effect of a movie preview lets people choose in buying a cinema ticket. On the other hand, human beings use the five tracks, image, sound, smell, taste, and touch to understand data as these five senses directly involve with people's emotions and all that they entail. In addition, human being's senses link to memory and can tap right into emotion. As Lindstrom mentioned that, 'events, moods, feelings and products in humans lives are constantly imprinted on their five track sensory recorder from the second we wake to the moment we sleep.'

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