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Business plan : Elegance

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  1. Why elegance will succeed
    1. The market background
    2. Vision
    3. Mission
    4. Values
    5. Objectives
    6. Competition
    7. SWOT analysis
  2. Strategies and plans
    1. Product/service development strategy
    2. Marketing strategy
    3. Finance
    4. Key success measures
    5. Risk analysis

Elegance designs, produces and sells clothes adapted to the expectations of senior and disabled people. Elegance is committed to remain close to its customers. The company is located in Lyon, a city that occupies a central position in the regions of Rhône-Alpes and PACA. This city has been chosen because of its high concentration of senior people. In addition, Lyon is a major transportation and communication network in France and Europe and thus provides high expectations for future expansion. Elegance's headquarters will be based in a free zone near Lyon's international Airport. Elegance is composed of 5 members who have their own functions and specializations. In the first six months, each person will have to make door-to-door sales since the priority is to communicate and to create awareness of the company throughout the region. Market studies show that the target market is not limited only to senior and disabled people. Actually, people who wear Elegance's clothes are often advised by professionals or else their relatives and friends. This is why Elegance is targeting retirement houses, hospitals, domestic nurses and other domestic services. Elegance will also communicate among seniors and disabled people. However, in the beginning the door-to-door work will essentially concentrate on retirement structures.

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