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Business plan for serenity center company

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  1. Business Details
    1. Activities of the Business
    2. Reason for preparing this Business Plan
    3. Legal Form of Business
    4. Selling the Business
    5. Security for raising finance
  2. Key people details
    1. Key people
    2. Number of Employees
    3. Total Salary Costs
  3. Customers
    1. Market
    2. Market Size
  4. Market research
    1. Research undertaken
    2. Research Findings
  5. Competitors
    1. The French state / project of renovation for public nursing home
    2. Noble Age Group
    3. Maison de retraite Les carmes / EHPAD
    4. Our Business: SWOT Analysis
  6. Business Objectives
    1. Objectives for us to set up this business
    2. Time frames to achieve these objectives
    3. Final Objectives
  7. Marketing Plan - Products & Services
    1. Products/Services description
    2. Benefits of our Products/Services
    3. Production Process
    4. New Product Idea: Gay/Lesbian nursing home
  8. Marketing plan - Promotion
  9. Marketing Plan - Pricing
    1. Pricing Decision
    2. Price Comparison
  10. Marketing Plan - Customer Service
    1. Customer Service Plans
    2. Customer Complaint Handling
  11. Sales
    1. Expected Level of Sales
    2. Existing Orders and Total value
  12. Premises & Equipment
    1. Premises
    2. Equipment, Vehicles & Fittings
  13. Financial Requirements
    1. Financing our business
    2. Methods of Bank Finance
  14. Grantt Chart / entrepreneurial project

Our modern society privileges from many technological dimensions. Consequently, for institutions such as nursing homes, it becomes paramount to control this last and to have great adaptabilities concerning the environmental changes.

The project of medico-social establishments falls under a constructive and participative logic of quality research.

This year, in France there are more than 40,000 nursing home seats to answer to the old peoples' expectations. This sentence explains pretty well how huge the business can be.

To serve this growth, however, there is still not enough nursing home capacity, from building new beds to restructuring existing facilities. Most nursing homes are run by public institutions or associations. The private sector, which currently accounts for 55% in France, has increased its role a lot in recent years.

[...] This standard, concerning the private sector called ISO2000, is renewable and cover many aspect such as; quality of the health care team, quality of the care and infrastructure evaluation New Product Idea: Gay/Lesbian nursing home Most gays or lesbians hope to find peace and serenity during their older days, but for them a kind of discrimination is there, even in assisted-living facilities. That's why; we think it could be great to create a special place where these kinds of people could spend their last days in peace and comfort. [...]

[...] Even if it's common in this kind of business activity to keep only 3 nurses for 30 people, Serenity centre wants to keep a good service quality. We can imagine a shift such as: 2 nurses assistants and 1 doctor a day. And 1 nurse assistant and 1 doctor (available but not in the center) for the nights. Our goal is to keep a low cost of personnel; using the technological devices to optimise the time for caring about the people and leaving old people under the monitoring of nurses. [...]

[...] The legal structure of our business would be; the limited liability company which is adapted for a small number of associates who know each other well. The responsibility of these associates of the limited liability company is limited to their contributions. This means that there is a distinction from the personal inheritance to its business activity. This type of business has another dimension which is the commercial aspect. The opening of a center can not be done easily. We will have to get accreditations from the state and fit to the French norms in terms of establishing a nursing home. [...]

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