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Business Plan Lyon Party Bus

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  1. Project
    1. Business idea
    2. Mission statement
    3. Name and logo
    4. Legal structure
  2. Demand
    1. Description of the market / market research
    2. Customers (segmentation and targeting)
  3. Competition
    1. Aspects of competition (industry overview) direct and indirect
    2. Changes in the industry
    3. Substitutes
    4. Main competitors
  4. Strategy
    1. Positioning
    2. Competitive advantages
    3. Opportunities / threats
    4. 4P's / 7P's
  5. Operations / resources
    1. Products purchasing & choices
    2. Staff and recruitment
    3. Structure (facilities)
  6. Finance
    1. Fixed Cost
    2. Variable cost
    3. Forecast /projections
    4. Raising the money

This project deals with an old London double Decker bus, totally fitted out to receive and host persons in Lyon (France) and its suburbs. We will organize parties (birthdays, retirement, New Year, stag parties, etc) firm seminars and tours, as the bus will be travelling around the most beautiful areas of Lyon. As this company aims to be totally flexible, we will offer flexible packages with custom services, such as a DJ, drinks, and other facilities. It will also be possible to only hire the bus and we supply the structure. As this concept does not exist yet in Lyon, but in other cities such as Paris, London and New York, we based our primary research on the sustainability of the project in this city, and our secondary research on the services to provide. Lyon is the second highly populated student city in France, and the second one in terms of economy, too. Therefore, we have to take advantage of this opportunity, and provide services for both these categories. Our expected sales are quite related to seasonality, for example the weekdays will be far less busy than the nights on weekends. Our prices will take that fact into account, as we try to fill the bus as often as possible. For the first year, if we have all the weekends booked and two or three days during the weeks, it will be a financially sound situation to start with. For the second and third years, considering that the promotion and communication will be more important, it would be perfect if the bus was booked 5 days per week. Our main competitive advantages are to be different from everything existing on the market, and to be able to provide both one of a kind nights out, as well as quaint and serious business trips throughout Lyon. The key success factors will be to make ourselves a name on the urban area, and to be able to advertise our products to two very different targets without creating confusion.

[...] When people are looking for something different than the usual night out in a nightclub, Lyon Party Bus always springs to mind and our potential customers are willing to pay more for this service than in a classic nightclub, up to or even It seems that Mondays and Tuesdays will be very quiet days concerning private parties. So, one these days we will focus on companies arranging seminars. Unfortunately, we were not able to conduct a real survey for the businesses' market. [...]

[...] This money is crucial for the future of our company and we really hope that our financial partner will be as keen as us in this project, considering all analyses and forecasts we will build up for the three upcoming years Project Business idea We will buy a vintage London style double Decker bus and fit it out to receive a group of people. We will focus on three different kinds of customers: Company seminars: during the day. This offer will be perfect for companies which receive guests who don't know the city. [...]

[...] It is important to notice that the bus will also be a promotional tool by itself when travelling around the city, as a red London Bus in Lyon will definitely catch the eye. The website is a requirement for our company so that customers can have 24/7 access to it from anywhere. Being online is definitely a requirement nowadays as all our competitors already have their own websites. A section of the websites dedicated to comments and pictures will reassure the future customers and give an overview of all activities that we carried out earlier in terms of parties. [...]

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