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Case study: KFC (Positioning)

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To get to and through the application of theory to practice, we had to work on a concrete example. We chose KFC especially Marrakech. The famous fast food franchise KFC wants to expand its networking with respect to the country by opening more franchises in 2009, but the culture of good food persists and hinders the development of their junk food.

Kentucky Fried Chicken, who live in Casablanca surely know, that this restaurant offers chicken wings and pellets of poultry skin mode fast food. The franchise has 13,200 outlets in over 80 countries and has been established since August 2001 in Morocco. Yet despite the prestige of going to spend 50 dh to earless refined parts of the low-end chicken Roumi, the multinational company does not know the success of its no less sophisticated and expensive competitor, McDonald's.

Face to face increased competition and expanded the requirements of the customers of KFC in Marrakech, a positioning study is needed to identify areas of future success of the franchise. To identify all aspects and enjoy the satisfaction of customers of KFC, as well as its positioning relative to its competitors, it has established a literature that would help us later in the studies which succeeded namely the qualitative and quantitative study, and this, according to the following methodology:

Qualitative study:
-The choice of qualitative method: group meetings (Newsgroups)
-The methodology of the interview
-The construction of the interview guide
-The constitution of the sample
-Data collection
-The data analysis
Towards the end of March
2000 DH (400 DH per person)
- Description of the positioning of KFC over its competitors' brands of fast-food "
-Understand the motivations and obstacles;
Explorer-consumption habits and purchasing behavior of fast-food products products including KFC.

Quantitative study:
KFC new concept in Marrakech that could not adapt to the tastes and Marrakech trends. Is it a quality issue, positioning the KFC in the minds of consumers, several factors is necessary or is it due to dissatisfaction unanticipated? Precisely in this context and we tried to focus on the factors expressing the behavior and indicators of dissatisfaction among consumers, and this, to guide the positioning of the franchise. To get used to it, we used a questionnaire.

The objectives of the study:
- The weight of the workforce went to KFC (from competition)
- Measure unaided awareness and assist the various fast food
- Quantify the criteria selected explanatory consumption in the qualitative study
- Consider the positioning of various fast food according to different selection criteria

The sale of fast food on the street has long been a tradition, and the best example is Djemaa el Fna in Marrakech. From the 1980s, new snack restaurants started to serve "bocadillo" (which is a Spanish word for a sandwich, widely used in Morocco). Although the composition of a bocadillo varies from one region to another, usually bocadillo is a baguette filled with salad and a choice of meat, fish (tuna in general), or an egg omelet dense.

Tags: Casablanca, Kentucky Fried Chicken, purchasing behavior

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