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Case study of marketing of Dark Dog

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  1. Introduction
  2. Eisenhower administration
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  4. Mutually Assured Destruction (M.A.D.)
  5. Conclusion

The consumers of the energy drink, Red Bull are mainly teenagers and young adults attracted by the image of dynamism and performance. They comprise the main target of the Dark Dog Energy Drink and in general, the public uses this drink at parties, sports halls, night clubs, bars and even gas stations to wake up when tired.

Among the range of beverages in circulation, consumers are often attracted by the bottle of Dark Dog that is marked by its bright color and 'its original packaging (high and thin cans). The need for this drink is essentially social, and therefore, a psychological need.

According to Maslow's hierarchy, consumption of Dark Dog is essentially a need to be included as a part of gaining membership. According to the theory of Joannis, the reason behind the purchase of the energy drink is motivation and self-expression as the consumer feels a need to give a positive image to others and to highlight his external personality.

Karlsbrau SA belongs to the holding of Karlsberg France SA.The company works closely with the Brewers Saverne. Their headquarters are located in the Bas-Rhin (67). Both companies develop and sell many brands of beer and other products.

The company Karlsbrau is the owner of the Dark-Dog, since 2004 it is headed by Mr. Dominique Baudendistel. It employs between 50 and 55 employees and in 2005 generated a turnover of 109,000,000 million.
In addition to Dark-Dog, the company Karlsbrau owns many brands.

The consumer will choose the product based on several criteria. Obviously, the more the product will be present in linear with respect to its competitors, it will have more chance of being selected. In addition, communication (press, television, billboards, web) is fundamental to any brand since the client will inevitably choose according to what he knows.

Of course price is important, even if the consumer prefers to pay more and be sure of the quality of the product (loyalty). In addition, as the current leader in its market, it has not the need to align its prices relative to its competition, as it is already present with a strong reputation.

The Karlsbrau group established a strategy very precise about its flagship product: Dark Dog. Representing over a third of its annual sales and continues to increase its market share within the group is really the product cash cow of the company.

With growing since 2001 that oscillates between 40 and 45% Karslbraü put all its cards on its protege. When a brand is so successful, then all the marketing mix is changed. During the launch phase, the main marketing objective is to acquire a reputation for the product. Here, it is to increase market share.

The most important policy is undoubtedly the product innovation.Dark Dog must confirm and strengthen its leading position in the market by innovating the energy drink.

Since 2004, Karlsbrau engages in many activities, extending its range and services. Last year, the group has renovated its website which is now more fun, more like its main target. On the other hand, Karlsbrau has diversified its product line by offering a wide variety of brands. Among them, to be noted is Spirit, Power Shot (derived from Dark Dog) that are very successful. The production line for drinking Shot has also increased its production capacity, now amounted to 100,000 cans per hour.

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