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Case study of Starbucks

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The international marketing strategy of Starbucks:
Starbucks is a coffee bar in the U.S. that markets high-quality coffee.When we talk about the brand awareness the company seeks to distinguish itself from competitors by placing the product quality (including the quality of coffee beans) in the heart of its strategy, and Starbucks is primarily a concept, that sells this "experience" that is to say, the atmosphere of coffee, has a personalized service.

This standardized marketing strategy reduces production costs and marketing, and it also conveys a consistent image of the company worldwide.
Ignorance of the specific market remains the main drawback of this type of marketing. After various studies, it was shown that Starbucks was identified as the place where we find ourselveswhen it rains. The consumption of French is not similar to that of Americans.

Tags : Starbucks, international marketing strategy, personalized service

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