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  1. You and brands
  2. Building brand equity and its advantages
  3. Brand repositioning
  4. Marketing mix
  5. Co-branding
  6. Brands name
  7. Challenges in the Internet Age
  8. Free association
  9. Branding service
  10. Brand extension
  11. Publicity
  12. Environmental, economic, social and technological developments in Singapore

1. Which factors do you think would be the main contributors to your chosen company's brand equity?
Brand equity that is based on consumers happens when consumers are ware and familiar with specific brands and their memories can easily hold uniqueness, favor and strength in the brands. Some of the main contributors to the brand equity could be employee behavior, success of new products, social responsibility, product's social status, and relative quality of the product and its points of differentiation.

2. Now review the second list of brand equity benefits. Which ones do you consider be the main benefits?
Due to the strength in the brand equity, the company has to gain several benefits. Some of such benefits would be customer loyalty, increased sales, staff recruitment and retention, easier development of market, more skills, capabilities, and resources and significant competitive advantage.

[...] and KITCHEN, P.J New luxury brand positioning and the emergence of Masstige brands. Journal of Brand Management,16(5), pp.375-382. YOO, B., DONTHU, N. and LEE, S An examination of selected marketing mix elements and brand equity. Journal of the academy of marketing science, pp.195-211. [...]

[...] Such aspects lead to the improvement in corporate social responsibility of organizations. Due to the positive advancement in the economic growth of the country, organizations are highly encouraged to grow with the country. Technology is highly preferred by most organizations since it helps in the automation of processes that lead to increased efficiency and effectiveness in the country Discuss how the above impacts affect a. Strategic marketing process of an organization; The marketing processes of organizations are positively affected by the above mentioned factors. [...]

[...] That is, does a strength/performance in one list contribute to a better result for a similar factor in the other list? The list of factors that contribute to brand equity as well as the benefits that both an organization and its customers gain have a close relationship with one another. This relationship is existent because the factors lead to the stated benefits. For instance, if the employee behavior in an organization is positive, then the company is likely to retain its employees for long, reducing the expenses spend on recruitment and selection. [...]

[...] Coca cola brand has recently received publicity due to newly introduced sharing aspect. For instance, the coke bottles with names of customers have helped the brand in gaining positive publicity. In addition, the leadership of Nike has always been positively perceived by many customers through its corporate social responsibility practices to the community. Analyze the press coverage, it's positive and negative effects, and the company's efforts to capitalize on or downplay the attention. Both brands have been positively impacted by its press coverage that have led to increased sales and revenue in general. [...]

[...] Products or services that make people more loyal are those that are used in fulfilling people's needs and demands adequately. Question 3 I believe that age or gender is more likely to make people more interested in using brand leader products/services. Question There is a propensity for products nowadays, with a lot of concern in smartphones because they tend to be a bit cheaper than original brands. I would not opt for a cheaper phone if it is not original. [...]

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