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Casino Strategy Management

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  1. The Main competitors
    1. Porter's 5 forces
    2. PESTEL
    3. Critical success factors
    4. Summary of opportunities and threats
  2. Casino
    1. Value Chain
    2. Competitive Advantage / Threshold vs Unique Resources / Competencies
    3. Sustainable Competitive Advantage
    4. Any Other Models
    5. Strategic Direction
    6. Strategic Fit With environment

Retailing is an area with strong competition between the main competitors. The buyer power does not arise from buyer's ability to negotiate but rather from competitors' pressure. Carrefour, E.Lecler, Auchan' offer very similar products which is why big company such Casino had to make an effort on customer services. With the competitor's pressure, retailers have to practice a low-price policy and improve performances (delay, quality of services). "A product has classic switching costs if a buyer will purchase it repeatedly and will find it costly to switch from one seller to another." In a negotiation, the contract not only regulates a price, and a volume but also a process of promotion of sales. The big retailers such Casino have a big power of negotiation because Casino is really bigger than small suppliers. Furthermore, the store decides to set off the product and can require a part on the profit according to the place of the product. The reason of this power struggle is the concentration of big retailers which have created their own central purchasing agency.

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