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Coastal Pipe Company

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  1. What sort of challenges Alan Buford has to deal with?
    1. Executive summary
    2. Issue Analysis
  2. Recommendations and changes that have to be done
    1. Recommendations to accomplish a profitable growth
  3. Objective Markets

Coastal Pipe Company is a division of the Arnol Corporation. The firm is facing hard times, and Alan Buford, manager of the corporation has had to come up with a specific marketing strategy plan to stop the losses. At present, the company is experiencing several losses. Our task is to help Sir Buford to make the right decisions and to provide support for constant growth in the future. We will focus our study on the needs and demands of the Plastic Pipes Market Segment and study the eventual growths of each market and the potential of the firm to elaborate profits. In the same time, we will elaborate a plan of action concerning the promotion, distribution, transportation, pricing and competition of the company.

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