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Communication plan and media plan for APPLE

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  1. Current Situation
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In the current world of media and communications, Apple is a significant point of reference now. Its advertising campaigns for the iPod Nano, the MacBook Ecolo or even the parodies of PCs have their moment of glory every time. The communication appears to be studied in detail, so that the target is successfully influenced for a long time.
For example, if we consider the advertising campaigns of apple, they always have the necessary scenario, the right colors, the right music and especially the right product with the technology we need, though they may not be too many of them.

With respect to communication within the company, it is embodied by one man: Steve Jobs. He is the instigator of the movement created by Apple. The keynotes, and conferences that launch products, are comprised of fanatical brand loyalists, permitting them to launch products with just a platform, a man and a PowerPoint presentation: and it works!
And of course two ingredients which are essential: the new technologies developed by Apple and the price! These may be the only advantages, but Apple is now well above its competitors in terms of image.

[...] Finally, in 2006, apple spent more than 160 million dollars a year, which reflects a campaign for about 8 new products. Media Plan Medias are part of the non-personal communication channels. In this area, Apple communicates the most with advertising on television. Apple wants its advertisements to be young and attractive; it tries to show the technological revolution that is always a part of its products. We may, however, underline that it does not try to communicate two much, and we do not see an Apple advertisement every two hours. [...]

[...] Apple can afford to advertise in this manner because it is a very popular brand, and does not need aggressive advertizing. In fact each launching of a new product of Apple is a big event; for example when the IPhone was launched, it was spoken about on the television news. Apple is now a phenomenon: Google accounts for 113 million searches with the key word Iphone on the web. There is a buzz each time Apple wants to launch a new product by the Medias themselves, and most of the time it costs nothing to Apple. [...]

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