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Communication strategy & plan: Cif case study

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  1. Introduction
  2. The communication strategy
    1. Marketing strategic objectives
    2. Communication objectives
    3. Target choice and ranking
    4. Communication tool choices
  3. Copy-Strategy
    1. Principal fact
    2. Positioning
    3. Target
    4. Advertisement promise
    5. Justification of the advertisement promise
    6. Tone
    7. Constraints
    8. Ideas for the campaign
  4. Possible actions beyond classical advertising
    1. Packaging
    2. Invest in research and development
    3. Point of sales

Cif is a very old brand in its sector of cleaning product and has a very strong image, but is too much associated to restrictive and occasional use.
As a communication agency, I was asked to think about a new communication strategy which could make Cif appears as more usable, more easily and in order to give a true image to its brand, often used because our mothers used it.

Here is my presentation of Cif expectations.

Product's reality: Abrasive product, non user-friendly
Old fashioned, restrictive and occasional use

Product's reality: Efficiency adapted to a range of new uses. Best product on traditional surfaces such as bathroom and restrooms.

According to the case and the situation faced by the company, we propose two overall marketing objectives.

[...] Similarly, in 3 months from now of the interviewed people should see a change in the image of Cif and consider it more modern Target choice and ranking Concerning our target, we chose several ones (developed in - Young active women as a communication target - To enlarge our communication target to a broader ranger of consumers never targeted before: young men - Women less than 50 years old as a marketing target 4. Communication tool choices Relating to communication supports, we chose specific tools that can reach our targets: Media: o Daily regional magazines ( such as La Provence minutes . [...]

[...] In our case, we can distinguish several promises: Using Cif, young active men feel like they are involved in housework not giving up on their masculinity For the first time in their private couple life, the male partner feels committed 2.5 Justification of the advertisement promise After seeing our advertisement promises, we have to justify them: Cif cannot be considered anymore as a female-dedicated product but it is a product dedicated to all genders. Cif consumers are expecting to purchase a cleaning product that can be used inside and outside and on a wider range of surfaces (cars, barbecue, bicycle, bike ) than perceived by the consumer today. [...]

[...] They must have a new idea of Cif after our communication campaign. Cif should appear as more modern for 10% more of the potential customers. 20% more of the interviewed individuals should think they could use the product in a wider array of applications or describe several use of Cif (see the brochure on the 100 ways of using Cif Cream) Target We have two targets: Women, involved in housework, are a target for everything that is inside. Men, on the opposite, are more involved in outside activities, so they are a target for outside. [...]

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