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Comparison between BLU-RAY and HD DVD

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Slowly but surely the video quality available to us is migrating to high definition. HDTV channels are now appearing on the satellite and DTT. TVs are also firmly based in the HD flat screen technology, and the use the European label "HD ready?. Unfortunately, only less than 15 minutes of video in Full-HD can be stored on a DVD. It therefore became necessary to replace the DVD with a recording medium having much greater storage capacity.

Thus, besides the war between VHS and Betamax which emerged in the 1980s, another battle of competing video formats is now underway. Both formats are thus in opposition, because of the inability of manufacturers to agree on a standard format. The two formats which have entered the market to compete for the favor of consumers are HD DVD and Blu-ray.

Thus while the high definition format war is still in full swing, the Blu Ray has a definite advantage over the HD DVD, and then cashed the coup de grace. What are the elements that led to the final withdrawal of HD DVD? HD DVD is both a medium of digital video and a symbol of the abbreviation for English High Density Digital Versatile Disc. The data is stored in digital format on it. The name "HD" also refers to high definition, and movies stored on these disks may actually be in HD.

HD DVD was the main competitor to Blu-Ray , with which it shares some technology. It has lower data density, and is generally cheaper to produce. This is also true of the devices for reading and writing in the format.

Blu Ray (Sony and Panasonic):

Blu-Ray disc is the official successor of DVD . It is based on a Blue laser ray (appendix), of high numerical aperture; hence the English name "Blue Ray" which has been contracted into "Blu-ray".
Compared with the DVD, it can store five times more information on the same surface area.
The first consumer devices using this technology appeared in late 2006, and include the PlayStation 3 in March 2007.

Tags: video quality, HDTV channels, flat screen technology, VHS and Betamax, English High Density Digital Versatile Disc, Sony and Panasonic, high numerical aperture

[...] On August Paramount Pictures and Dreamworks decided to abandon the Blu-Ray, to exclusively support the HD DVD, with Universal Studios joining them. However, many market players suspect that Microsoft paid Paramount $100 million, to entice them to choose the format. On January it appeared that the public had chosen sides. In effect, the format led by Toshiba registered decline in sales from 14,558 players to 1758, a decrease of nearly 88% despite plummeting prices of players by Toshiba On February during a press conference, Toshiba announced the official death of its high-definition format, HD-DVD. [...]

[...] Sony is using the popularity of video games and the PlayStation brand to impose the use of Blu-Ray (compared to HD DVD playable on Xbox 360), as it had done with the PlayStation 2 for its DVD reader. This has allowed the company to impose the use of Blu-Ray In its battle with HD DVD, Blu-Ray has managed to gain the support of major U.S. studios, and even the studios that initially supported HD DVD were eventually linked to Blu-Ray, mainly Warner (which accounts for 22% of its market in the U.S., which enables the Blu Ray to hold 75% of the USA offer).This dealt a major blow to HD DVD which had reacted to the cut in prices. [...]

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