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Comparison between H&M and Mango

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  1. Managerial summary
    1. The Issues
    2. Objectives
  2. State's risk
    1. The market
    2. Demand
    3. Supply
    4. The environment
  3. Marketing Mix
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    4. Target
    5. Pricing
    6. Communication
  4. Business / Operations
  5. Development Plan
  6. Financing Plan

H & M and Mango are brand names that are quite popular, and have emerged in the market of fashion. They concentrate on marketing through stores, and distribute their clothing, cosmetics and accessories in large urban areas and in smaller ones. Both companies are on the same sector and are therefore competitive.

If H & M, the Swedish brand, was created just after World War II, it is noted that Mango, founded in Barcelona, is much more recent since its inception was in the 1980s. If both companies are targeting the young and dynamic, it was necessary to promote their brand to their target customers, to move quickly toward new media emerged in the 1990s, and especially by Internet usage.

The Internet has revealed a new medium of corporate communication, a way to raise awareness of its products and services to improve its reputation and give a modern image. Thus, these two firms have opened their markets.

The chain H & M was founded in 1947 in Sweden by Erling Person. Today H & M is present in over 1,000 stores worldwide. "Providing quality fashion at the best price" that is the line of business to which this is true since its inception. Found at H & M a wide assortment of apparel stores primarily in major cities, according to updated classics and fashion basic apparel sold in the latest trends.

H & M communicates mainly through the press, outdoor advertising, TV spot and the Internet. Nevertheless, it is primarily in its stores through its employees that the company wants to connect and communicate, and encourages its vendors to wear garments with the initials H & M's seasonal trends within its stores.

Mango is a multinational corporation founded in 1984 in Barcelona and is dedicated to the design, manufacture and marketing of clothing and accessories exclusively for women. Mango aims to dress up "the modern, urban young woman in her everyday needs, while keeping one hand and appealing aesthetic. For this, the company has its own designer who follows the latest fashion trends.

The bulk of its communication is through the use of international models that represent, in its promotional catalogs distributed in its stores, the image of the brand every season. On the other hand, Mango uses to communicate Internet, billboards in cities.

Tags: H & M ? origin and history, Mango ? origin and history, comparison between H & M and Mango

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