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Consumer behavior- McDonald’s

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  1. Introduction
  2. Product strategies of the brand McDonald's
  3. Promotion for communication value
  4. Place and packaging
  5. Price as perceived value
  6. Conclusion

If a loyal customer is asked why he always patronizes a certain fast-food restaurant, he will probably not be able to give you an answer right away. However, if you probe further, you will more or less find some reasons behind this behavior pattern, also known a consumer behavior. The term consumer behavior is defined as the discipline ?to study of how people behave when obtaining, using, and disposing of products.? (Kendall, 2010)

Take McDonald's, one of the largest fast food chains in the world for example. The brand was the most admired food service company according to 2008 Fortune Magazine' ranking. With the most recognizable logo (the Golden Arch) and spokesperson ( Ronald, the McDonald clown), McDonald's now owns over 67,000 restaurants ever since it opened its first in 1955 (www. According to the Packard Children's Hospital's Center for Healthy Weight, ?kids aged between three to five preferred the food in the McDonald's packaging every single time if they were given the choice of food in the McDonalds packaging and same food without the packaging. That said, there ought to be a justification that explains how consumer behavior is well understood and manipulated by the fast-food restaurant magnate.

The purpose of the paper is to tap into human's complicated buying behavior such as choice and consumption by taking McDonald's in North America as an example. In general, it is to explain how marketers leverage consumer decision process via strategizing their product, place, promotion and price tactics as well as integrating psychological elements such as motives and learning process into the overall marketing strategy.

[...] In this case, customers who are in favor of eat healthy will be assured to revisit McDonalds in the future 3. Promotion for communication value It goes without saying that promotion plays a pivotal role in delivering product or service messages to the intended audience, thus building an organizational identity. As of 1980s, McDonalds has been use a host of promotional mix that is featured by PR, sales promotion and advertising in different media such as print, TV, and Internet, to name a few. [...]

[...] Further, McDonald's is adept at guiding consumer behavior in a given direction. It should be pointed out that purchase decision may be made without clear evaluation, brand attitudes or reasons for purchase, especially in selecting a fast food restaurant. With that in mind, McDonald's knows how to capitalize on consumer's learning/information process to help them understand its marketing message. A variety of techniques are used to help consumers learn, store and retrieve brand information. Two prominent examples are McDonalds' catchy jingle and slogan (I'm lovin' it.) and the invaluable, highly visual logo (the Golden arch) to facilitate brand recall and awareness. [...]

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