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Consumer Decision Process: The wedding preparations

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  1. Needs Recognition
  2. Search for information
  3. Pre-purchase Evaluation of Alternatives
  4. Purchase
  5. Consumption
  6. Post-consumption Evaluation
  7. Divestment

The 'Wedding Channel' is an online company which permits brides and grooms to come up with ideas to prepare their wedding, as well as the guests to find presents. They have a list of all the necessities to prepare a wedding, from the reception sites to the photographer, and the entertainments to the honeymoon, as well as registries for the wedding list. Therefore, the target of Wedding Channel is, the population getting married or going to a wedding which represents people from 18 to 35 years old. In this website, we can recognize the different stages a consumer faces to make his final decision. These stages are different needs, recognition, search for information, pre-purchase evaluation of alternatives, purchase, consumption, post-consumption evaluation etc.

[...] Purchase This stage consists of actually buying the product or service desired by the consumer. Many products for a wedding preparation are extended problem solving because the couple wants a perfect wedding. The dress, the rings, the honeymoon, the entertainment are examples of extended process solving. Some products are midrange problem solving as the flowers to decorate the ballroom. The consumer has different choices on the wedding channel website. He can buy products online or go directly to the shop he selected. [...]

[...] Then, a main part of the consumer decision process is made in the store. The guests, who decide to buy gifts according to the registry, can also choose to buy online or go to the store, but their choices are limited to the pre-purchases the couple made. The wedding will be ready when all the purchases are finished. The wedding day is the consumption. Consumption The consumption consists of using the products or services. Many products bought for the wedding are used in one day. [...]

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