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Corporate Monograph: Presentation and strategy for Google

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  1. Introduction
  2. A presentation of the company
  3. Study of the Danish market of perfumery, beauty and bath products
  4. Sales analysis of Godefroy diffusion
  5. Likelihood of success in business
  6. Insurance request prospecting
  7. Conclusion

For a company profile project, the author and group chose to study the history of Google Enterprise. The decision to choose Google was made because it is the leading Internet search engine, and is the perfect example of a company that has emerged in the area of e-business.

Google is an Internet tool one uses every day, and is becoming increasingly important. Thus it is important to understand how this tool works.

Therefore it was necessary to know how Google, a company established for less than 10 years in 1998, has managed to penetrate this emerging market (search engine), and managed to become the leading face of ISPs such as Wanadoo, AOL, etc.

The specific subject pertaining to the study is whether the e-business model used by Google in the market for search engines, is applicable to new markets where the company wants to relocate the market for ISPs.

Indeed, after having conquered the market for search engines, the new Google wants to conquer the market for ISPs, particularly through a new technology, wifi. The question one can ask is whether it has the ability to do so.

Founded in September 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Google Inc. is the developer of the Google search engine, designed to provide a simple and quick information retrieval on the Internet.

Offering users an index of more than eight billion URLs (number of web pages available), Google is the biggest search engine on the Web. Google maintains its dominant position in the market research on the Internet continuing to develop innovative search features.

Google has become the market leader in search engines with 56%market share (May 2004), ahead of its main competitors Yahoo (21%) and MSN (9%). This start-up created there are only 7 years from 19 million in sales in 2OOO 3.2 billion in 2004.The meteoric rise, Google has the first positioning of bold and s effectiveness its search engine. Over 97% of its revenue comes from advertising and through this program "AdWords" (launched in 2000), which is a highly targeted display advertising that revolutionized Internet marketing.

Google's business model relies on two sources of revenue: search services and advertising programs (98% of Google revenues come from advertising).The search services are based on Google's search technology company owner. They include many options and features fully automated.

The advertising program in text format Google provides online advertisers and website publishers of options that meet their needs and define precisely the presentation of advertisements to Internet users seeking information about a product or service.

The Google advertising program allows advertisers to precisely define the presentation of advertisements to Internet users seeking information about a product or service. The resulting service is highly targeted and consistently generates a click through rate (CTR) up to five times higher than that achieved on average by conventional banner ads.

Google provides advertisers with a wide range of services to optimize campaign results implemented. Online advertisers like Acura, Expedia, Eddie Bauer, REI Ernst & Young and regularly placed Google at the forefront of their suppliers of advertising space.

Tags: Google-the corporation, growth, business model

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