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Creating a line of luggage for the brand Ralph Lauren (2007)

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The aim of our study is the launch of a line of luggage for the brand Ralph Lauren. In the first part, we propose a PEST analysis of the macro environment and an analysis of current market for luggage. In the second part, we present the brand Ralph Lauren. A review of these two parts we will provide a SWOT analysis, and recommendations on the development of our new line. Finally, we discuss our marketing strategy.

The luggage market is linked to the trip. The high end travelers, whose budget exceeds $ 25 000 per year and who generate 20% of annual turnover of the travel industry. The travel industry is booming: in 2005 the turnover of this market was approximately $ 90 billion.

Safety regulations in relation to the context of terrorism are evolving. The size of cabin baggage allowed in was reduced to 56 x 45 x 25cm and weighs 5 kg. If the text advocating this format does not act as law, will be the case from May 6, 2007.

On the other hand, the quantities of liquids, gels, creams, foams, pastes and aerosols in cabin will be accepted very significantly reduced. These products shipped in containers of 100 ml or less will be placed in a plastic bag of 20x20cm and a capacity of one liter, with a touch fastener and zip. The traveler can carry as many bottles as he wants as long as they keep them all in one bag and that it may remain closed.

The magnitude of the attack of September 11, 2001 caused the first decline in international travel since 1982. The attacks did not cause paralysis fortunately world tourism, but rather a significant change in the habits of passengers, tourists often prefer shorter trips, less distant, with means of transport perceived as less risky (train car). However, the number of passengers has increased overall since a decade and sale of luggage following the increase.

The changing conditions of life in France including the 35h, allow going more often but for short stays. Therefore, French is first in France in nearly 75% of cases. Barely a quarter chose to go outside our borders. This affects in particular the choice of the size of luggage.

The rapid evolution of research on the materials constituting the luggage can offer a wide range of choice for manufacturers.

There are currently on the market different types of luggage: Luggage; Travel Bags; Backpacks; Shoulder Bags; Handbags; Beauty boxes; Garment; Business luggage; Towels and bags PC.

In terms of materials, baggage can be divided into two categories: Soft-sided luggage: The ballistic nylon and polyester are the two most recommended materials for the exterior of luggage. They are very hardy and resist both the rigors of air travel. The soft-sided luggage have public support largely because they are lightweight, robust and can be folded and stored easily.

Baggage Rigid Hull: ABS plastic and polypropylene are the two most common materials used in the manufacture of hard shell luggage. They resist stains, protect fragile items. The disadvantage is that rigid luggage are often heavier and do not offer the versatility of a flexible bag.

The current trend shows that the rigid luggage is in decline. We turn instead to baggage "hybrid" consisting of a rigid frame and flexible flaps.

Consumers are looking for luggage flexible, adaptable to the duration of their stay strong and light. The trend is towards a background that we are no longer required to wear, luggage on wheels are selling very well. Moreover, their average lifespan has increased from 10 to 3 or 5 years.

Tags: Ralph Lauren, luggage by Ralph Lauren, luggage restrictions of flights, different types of bags

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