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Creating a new product: "Infinity Link up" for a gentle wake-up

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  1. Executive summary
  2. Company Summary
    1. Company Ownership
    2. Company Identity
    3. Geographical Location
  3. Product
    1. Product Description
    2. Competitive Description
    3. Sales Literature
    4. Future Products
  4. Market Analysis Summary
    1. Market Segmentation
    2. Target Market Segmentation Strategy
    3. Industry Analysis
  5. Strategy and Implementation Summary
    1. Marketing Strategy
    2. Sales Strategy
  6. Management Summary
    1. Organization Chart
    2. Human Resources Requirements
    3. Human Resources Expenses for the 1st year
  7. Financial Plan
    1. Assumptions
    2. Break-even Analysis
    3. Projected Profit & Loss
    4. Projected Cash Flow
    5. Projected Balance Sheet
    6. Business Ratios and indicators

After having done research on the US market, our mission is to offer Americans a solution to their everyday problem: waking up easily in the morning. Nowadays, many Americans, especially the ones living in big urban cities have a very active lifestyle. A majority of them (70% of the population) use alarm clocks regularly in order to wake up in the morning and get ready to start their hectic day. This phenomenon has helped us identify a particular need in the US market. Because of the high demand, there are many alarm clocks available on the market. In spite of that, many consumers are not completely satisfied with the products available to them. A majority of Americans would like to be able to get out of bed in the morning without feeling aggravated by the sound of their alarm clock. Furthermore, some of them are not roused by the sound and are looking for a product that can offer another possibility or solution to their problem. Link up is an answer to their trouble since we have incorporated the latest technology such as Bluetooth into a stylish bracelet.

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