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  1. Introduction.
  2. Objectives.
    1. Croatia and the theoritical basis.
  3. Current online status.
    1. The data available.
    2. The strategy and image resulting.
  4. Croatian marketing environmental audit.
    1. Political and legal factors.
    2. Economical factors.
    3. Socio-cultural factors.
    4. Technical factors.
  5. Croatian image audit.
    1. Definition.
    2. Prejudices about Croatia.
    3. Image audit.
    4. SWOT.
  6. Proposition.
    1. The things missing on the site.
    2. Relevance of the target.
    3. Recommendations.
  7. Conclusion.

The goal of this group work is to analyze a country e-marketing strategy, to see if it is adapted to the target, to its cultural and economical environment and its potential and finally to have a critical opinion on the strategy employed. To reach these objectives we will divide our paper in 3 parts. First we will consider the current country's on-line status, its presence, its supporters, its content and the image resulting from this branding. Then a country audit will be done in order to analyze both the country environment and image and we will conclude this paper with a recommendation part, trying to sum up the amelioration points and making some propositions to enhance the nation's e-presence. After reading the case and according to the existing country name-dot-com list in which we can't choose any country, we made a list of emergent countries we found attractive for tourism. The idea was to find countries with a high communication potential and allow creativity for the last part of the report, the recommendation one.

[...] The data we can find So we finally choose to work on the Croatia dot hr website. As, we said before, this website is dedicated to the Croatian tourism. For that, the website proposes numerous languages as English, Deutch, Hrvatski or French. It is really colored and attractive thanks to a basic but good architecture and numerous beautiful pictures of the country. This country called by its population ?'our beautiful homeland'', has numerous things to offer. All these things are divided in the different parts of the website: Main page: thanks to this page we have access to all the information of the website and especially all the tabs but also as shortened version of the website with the main information immediately available as the possible destination, the current events, some videos and photos, a currency converter and a weather forecast. [...]

[...] Since 2002, Croatia is part of the United Nations Economical Factors Marketers should consider analyzing the economical trends in the country they will be working in. Economical factors also participate in the attractiveness of a country. In tourism, attractive destinations are often destination in a good economical shape. That does not mean countries have to be developed like western countries but that means emerging countries will be more attractive than under-developed countries. Since 2000 thanks to tourism industry, Croatian economy was in a good situation. [...]

[...] However in million persons came to visit Croatia and 7.4 of them were foreigners. Among these foreigners, the most represented country was Germany, followed by Italia, Slovenia and Austria. In these countries, we can suppose that, thanks to word of mouth and direct notoriety, no particular effort is needed to penetrate these markets. Then, special striving to develop the on- line presence should be concentrated on other countries, not aforementioned. Recommendations The first step in an effective e-branding strategy is a complete and attractive website. [...]

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