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Derivatives market in India: A study of Wipro Limited shares

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  1. Introduction
    1. Derivatives
    2. Definition
    3. Products
    4. Participants
    5. Functions
    6. Types of derivatives
    7. Characteristics of derivatives
    8. Rationale behind the devolpment of derivatives
    9. Derivatives instruments in india
    10. Derivatives segment in BSE& NSE
    11. Contract periods
    12. Settlement
    13. Margins
    14. Members of futures & options segment
    15. Exposure limit
    16. Position limit
  2. The Securities Contracts (Regulation) Act of 1956
    1. Regulation for derivatives trading
  3. Company profile
    1. Karvy: Background
    2. An overview
    3. Early days
    4. The Karvy credo
    5. Milestones
    6. Karvy as a mutual fund investment advisor
    7. Achievements
    8. Range of services
  4. Karvy Stock Broking Ltd
    1. Stock broking services
    2. Depository participants
    3. Distribution of financial products
    4. Advisory services
    5. Private client group
  5. Karvy Computershare Pvt Ltd
    1. Mutual fund services
    2. Issue registry
    3. Corporate shareholder services
  6. Karvy Global Services Ltd
  7. Karvy Comtrade Ltd
  8. Karvy insurance broking Pvt Ltd
  9. Karvy Inc
  10. Objectives of the study
    1. Basic objectives
    2. Other objectives
  11. Scope of study
  12. Methodolgy
    1. Primary data
    2. Secondary data
    3. Time span
    4. Limitations
  13. Analysis and interpretations
    1. Futures
    2. Stock index futures
    3. Margin effect (mark to margin)
    4. Stock features
    5. Risks
    6. Options
    7. Volatility
    8. Dividends
  14. Options classifications
    1. Call option
    2. Pay for a call option buyer
    3. Payoff of call option writer
    4. Call option seller's pay off
    5. Call option buyer's pay-off
    6. Profit / loss position of call option
    7. Put option
    8. Pay off for a put option buyer
  15. Options pricing
    1. Effect of increase in the relevent parameter on option prices
    2. Factors determining option value
    3. Exercise price and share price
    4. Option valuation
  16. Difference between futurs & options
  17. Charts of wipro call options
  18. Conclusions and recommendations
    1. Observations
    2. Conclusions
    3. Recommendations

The emergence of the market for derivative products, most notably forwards, futures and options, can be traced back to the willingness of risk-averse economic agents to guard themselves against uncertainties arising out of fluctuations in asset prices. By their very nature, the financial markets are marked very high degree of volatility. Through the use of derivative products it is possible to partially or fully transfer price risks by locking-in asset prices. As instruments of risk management, these generally do not influence the fluctuation in the underlying asset price in futures & options. The capital adequacy norms for banks in the European Economic Community demand less capital to hedge or speculate through derivatives than to carry underlying assets. Derivatives are weighed lightly than the assets that to carry underlying assets. Derivatives are weighed lightly than the assets that appear on bank balance sheets. The size of these off balance sheet assets, which include derivatives, is more than seven times as large as balance sheet items at some American banks causing concern to regulators.

[...] The derivatives trading should be done in a separate segment with separate membership; That is, all members of the cash market would not automatically become members of the derivatives market. The derivatives market should have a separate governing council which should not have representation of trading by clearing members beyond whatever percentage SEBI may prescribe after reviewing the working of the governance system of exchanges. The chairman of the governing council of the derivative division/ exchange should be member of the governing council. [...]

[...] Karvy's ability to mass customize and offer a diverse range of products for a diverse range of customers has helped mutual fund companies' position themselves in the market place. Vision: Karvy's aspiration of establishing itself as an integrated financial services company is propelled by a vision that is shared by its entire work force. Towards this end Karvy has dedicated itself to 1. Have a single-minded focus on investor servicing Established Karvy as household name for financial services Set industry standards Establish a leadership position in all chosen areas of business. [...]

[...] OBJECTIVE OF STUDY BASIC OBJECTIVE:- To study on derivatives market in Wipro company Other objectives:- To study the various trends in derivative market. To study the role of derivatives in India financial markets. To study detail the role of futures and options. To find out profit/loss position of the option writer and option holder Scope of study Mainly concentrated on the call options and put options that are to find out profit/ loss of option writer and option holder. To know the investors of Wipro in may 2005 at profit/ loss. [...]

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