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Design a marketing plan for Lise Charmel in China

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  1. Macro-environmental analysis
    1. Political
    2. Economic
    3. Social
    4. Technological
  2. Chinese underwear market competitive analysis
    1. Competition in France
    2. Competition in china
    3. Porter's Five Forces
  3. Target Market Analysis
    1. Women social status in China
    2. Chinese demand of underwear
    3. Lise Charmel's target: high income females
  4. Market Entry Strategies
    1. Chosen strategy: commercial agent
    2. The main advantages
    3. The main disadvantages
  5. Marketing mix recommendations
    1. Ansoff Matrix
    2. Product
    3. Price
    4. Place
    5. Promotion

Compared to lingerie brands for men and women such as Athéna, Triumph, Hom, Chantelle, Well, or Princesse Tam Tam, Lise Charmel is a real reference. In terms of fashion, the Lise Charmel product line fits the market perfectly, and emphasizes on the silhouette and the forms of the women, which is what make them so famous.

Today, this sector is not led so much by talent and beauty, as by marketing and communication. If a company creates good marketing campaigns and takes good decisions which help maintain low costs, it is bound to be successful. Of course the products must be in line with the prevalent fashion, but that is not a difficult target for Lise Charmel.

Based on their success, it would be interesting for them to enter one of the biggest markets of the world, the growing Chinese market. Brands like Princesse Tam Tam have already done it, and according to their figures, it seems to work. How a company can avoid 600 million potential customers? That would be nonsense.

A marketing plan would help encourage them to get into such a market, and that is what we will supply.

[...] Table of contents INTRODUCTION 4 Macro-environmental analysis 4 Political: 4 Economic: 5 Social: 5 Technological: 6 II) The Chinese underwear market: a competitive analysis 6 Competition in France 6 Competition in china 6 price versus competition 8 Porter's Five Forces 9 III) Target Market Analysis 10 Social status of women in China 10 Luxury demand in China 10 Chinese demand of underwear 11 Lise Charmel's target: high income females SWOT ANALYSIS 11 IV) Market Entry Strategies 12 Chosen strategy: commercial agent 12 The main advantages 13 The main disadvantages: 13 Marketing mix recommendations 13 Ansoff Matrix 14 Product: 14 Price: 14 Place: 15 Promotion: 15 Conclusion 16 References 17 Introduction COMPARED TO LINGERIE BRANDS FOR MEN AND WOMEN SUCH AS ATHÉNA, TRIUMPH, HOM, CHANTELLE, WELL, OR PRINCESSE TAM TAM, LISE CHARMEL IS A REAL REFERENCE. [...]

[...] Moreover, the average size for women in China is 30, whereas in Europe it is 32. Service: Employees will advise women and help them find their size. Package: Every customer will leave the shop with a nice ?Lise Charmel PARIS? reusable bag. Product quality: To target the Chinese upper class, we have to offer high quality products to satisfy our customers, and to make them loyal. Every item will be labeled ?made in France? in order to not be identified as a Chinese company. [...]

[...] Etam lingerie is well established in France, proposing fashion products at a reasonable price, for example or 60 Euros for a set. The low-end segment is composed of private label brands. For example, Carrefour is producing its own textile brand, These brands sell products at a very attractive price, such as 15 Euros for a bra. Competition in China There are three different types of market segments in China: The first one and most expensive one is widely composed of foreign underwear brands. [...]

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