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Design a marketing plan for the French "fashion house" Caroll which is aiming to enter the Chinese market

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  1. Caroll's presentation
    1. History
    2. Mission
    3. Culture
    4. 4 P's
    5. Chinese market
    6. Political and legal environment
    7. Economical environment
    8. Social and cultural environment
    9. Technological environment
  2. The Chinese retail clothing market
    1. Segmentation
    2. Distribution
    3. Purchasing attitude
    4. Competition analysis
  3. Caroll's strategy

China represents one of the markets with the greatest potential in the world and attracts more foreign capital. There are approximately 1 200 French companies established in China with 200 000 employees. It is one of the largest markets in terms of inhabitants (1.3 billion potential consumers), and in terms of economic growth. The Chinese economy is ranked the fourth in the world in less than 20 years. China is a region of great opportunity for all types of companies and not just large multinationals. However, conducting business in China can still be challenging. During the last few years, China clearly established itself on the international level of textile production and trade. It is a good opportunity for Caroll to enter the Chinese market because its target group of middle-class women executives is approaching the 4 million mark. To penetrate into the Chinese market, Caroll will have to take into consideration some very important factors that we will present in this document.

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