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Diagnosis of marketing of Festival, the European specialist in cruising

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  1. Preamble
  2. What is the BIVC?
  3. Introduction and Methodology
  4. Should we Target Chinese Market?
    1. Overview of China
    2. Economic, regulatory, legal, cultural policies
    3. Study of the application
    4. Study of the offer: local production and import competition
    5. The accessibility regulations
  5. Penetration strategy
    1. Segmentation
    2. Supply and competitive strategy
    3. Distribution channels
    4. Looking for intermediate
    5. Communications
  6. Conclusion: Summary and Recommendations
  7. Case study

Since the 1960's, the world tourism market has been booming. Thanks to paid holidays, households are now able to devote much of their time and budget to recreation. The tourism market has now a large and growing share in economic activities of countries.

Also, the cruise market is now more promising and is really suited to customer demands. Indeed, the current trend in tourism is varied and diversified. In 2000, this market has attracted more than 10 million passengers worldwide.

Thus, it had suggested themed tours, and ocean liners with different atmospheres, in order to attract maximum customers. While offering a number of facilities and services, generalized personalization of the offer must be made. The cruise service offers this type of service.

Moreover, the cruise market has grown considerably in recent years, both in the European and global levels. This is also evident from the fact that 84% of French say that they are "tempted" by a cruise.

Tags: cruising in Europe, world tourism market, tourism in Europe

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