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Digital Marketing-Markets and Consumption

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  1. Introduction
  2. Unlimited Potential of Digital Marketing
  3. Digital Marketing-Markets and Consumption
  4. Conclusion

For organizations seeking generation of superior value to capture more from customer experiences, they should prioritize to harness and optimize the power of digital media. However, today's dynamic environment mandates organizations to know sufficiently where customer value resides from the clients' perspectives. This suggests organizations should desist from differentiating their marketing approach solely on traditional marketing channels and blend to present platforms that would see their products reach their target audience at personal levels. Typically, digital media driven by evolving technologies are transformative not just how individuals access information, but their mode of interaction, communication and choice of their purchasing trends. Embracing digital marketing is never a preserve for technology-based organizations, but mandatory for marketing teams aiming to integrate seamlessly with their target consumers in their ordinary day lives.

[...] Keillor, B. D. (2007). Marketing in the 21st Century. Westport: Greenwood Publishing Group. Pride, W. M. (2013). Marketing 2014. Mason: South-Western Publishers. Pride, W. M., & Ferrell, O. C. [...]

[...] Firstly, new technologies prove crucial to the digital economy, not only in revolutionizing complex business approaches, but also in changing everyday lives of modern societies. Present advances in communications emerge from latest technologies, which have minimized transaction costs and time spent to see business deals. The remarkable contribution of communication technologies lay in the improved ways of doing business and its contribution to consolidating a more global world and community (Bennett p. 812). Currently, ecommerce, e-marketing, online customer care and virtual marketing, highlight the stride attained through new technologies. [...]

[...] Bibliography Bennett, P. F. (2012, July How Social Networks, Digital Media and Digital Marketing can be Applied to the Promotion of Goods and Services in Business Companies in Order to Increase Sales. Journal of US-China Public Administration, 812-824. Birkner, C. (2011, January 30). Mobile Marketing: This Time is Different. Marketing News , pp. 16-21. Gonnering, M. (2008). Marketing driving creative and sales teams in digital supply chain Interview with Matthew Gonnering,. Journal of Digital Asset Management, 80-91. [...]

[...] The era of digital marketing originates from the culture of utilizing the available means to influence and reach other individuals. With the initial channel being human voice, individuals influenced others through word of mouth in their ordinary conversations. Secondly, image-based platforms emerged targeting to reach a wider audience than the preceding human voice given that communication ceased with the break of the communication chain. Thirdly, inception of printing sparked a cost effective marketing through mass-media advertisement in the 17th century in England newspapers. [...]

[...] While the list of digital devices is endless, most common devices include smartphones, tablets and cellular phones. Digital marketing involves using all digital media including the internet, mobile and interactive channels, to develop communication and exchange with customers (Pride & Ferrell p. 282). The reasons for integrating digital marketing into contemporary marketing include low-cost communication, penetration of market segments difficult to reach through traditional media and opening up new avenues in the organization-customer relationship (Pride W. M p. 340). As the internet became the communication medium of choice amongst the information age generation, so has the integration of digital media into all facets individuals' lives at a phenomenal rate. [...]

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