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Direct Marketing and McDonald's use of Direct-Mailing

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  1. Introduction (direct mail)
  2. Effects of technological advances
  3. Legal precedence
  4. Economic impact
    1. Typical users of direct mail
    2. Direct mail as part of Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC)
    3. Closing the sale
    4. Exposure
  5. Pros and cons of direct-mailing
    1. Measuring the pros and cons
  6. McDonald's use of Direct-Mailing
  7. Objectives
    1. To increase demand
    2. To increase product consumption
    3. To increase frequency of visits
  8. Target audience
  9. The integrated marketing campaign
  10. Conclusion

Direct mail can be considered as any unsolicited printed material sent directly through the mail or somehow delivered to prospective customers or contributors. Anything from catalogs, flyers, newsletters or brochures or any similar promotional advertisements can be considered direct mail. Prospective and existing clients can benefit from receiving the direct mail advertisement. Prospective clients can benefit from awareness of a product or sales promotion that they may not have known existed.

[...] The Integrated Marketing Campaign The direct mail portion of McDonald's monopoly promotion is a crucial component of their integrated marketing campaign. As a starter, the monopoly game is only offered for a short period of time, the game is only in play for one month beginning October 14 and lasting to November As a result of the short lifespan, McDonald's needs to attract a lot of attention in a short period of time, and that suggests heavy doses of promotion in the form of an integrated marketing campaign. [...]

[...] This encourages the consumers to purchase more of that product as the game pieces are only on the medium and large drinks and their large fry options. Consumers who wish to play the game will now their meal choices in order to receive more game pieces increasing their chances to win. There is where the purchase necessary? option in which you can send away to McDonalds and they will send you some game pieces in return. This is of course to keep the contest legal by eliminating one of the elements that make it a lottery, prize, chance and consideration. [...]

[...] The third and final type of list, which is also has the lowest response rate, is the compiled list. These lists consist of a bunch of lists that were made up for a variety of reasons and then compiled together. Typically, they are not very reliable on their own, so in order to increase the response rate, the companies that use them usually gather a few lists and then combine them together. The idea for this is that by having numerous lists of the same area, the company using them can combine them with their own house lists and mail-response lists then delete the names that are repeated. [...]

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