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Discovery of Green Energy Organics

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  1. Introduction
  2. Dior and its communication strategy
    1. Home Perfume Christian Dior
    2. Dior, the seamless communication
  3. J'adore - Dior - the absolute woman
    1. The world of perfume
    2. The name of the perfume
    3. Love
    4. The bottle
    5. Competitors at the time
    6. Campaigns
  4. Analysis of the advertising campaign of 2006
    1. The story of the woman I love in 2006
    2. The marketing brief

The story of Green Energy Organics began in 1993, in the heart of the international city of fashion and cosmetics: Milan, Italy. Wilma Scarton had founded the "World Resource Pharm". She had worked for large international groups, including L'Oreal, and understood that consumers want the natural, back to basics look while keeping the appearance of so-called conventional cosmetics. She began her work in collaboration with major brands for the purpose of research and development.

Through her research, Wilma discovered that nature provides everything that the cosmetics industry needs effective care. Over the years, she said it would be interesting to work and offered her research to the benefit of brands that were marketed. Thus, she founded Sharys, Pure Beauty and Green Energy Organics. Sharys offers a range of luxury products through biological assets such as the rare black orchid. Pure Beauty is an organic range intended for mass distribution.

Green Energy Organics was supposed to be an organic brand in a kind of niche market. However, its success lasted a few years. Green Organics Energy convinced consumers of eighteen countries. Indeed, its colorful and tasty products were associated with its reasonable prices and have won many consumers. Nine hundred outlets are opened in Italy and France was finally able to open the doors to these products since October 2006.

Green Organics Energy (GEO) is an organic brand that emphasizes the pleasure and indulgence for all. GEO has a clear positioning: "the art and science of pure flowers". The product line must take the following aspects into account: - Natural (no synthetic materials), fresh, respect for the ecology, products of organic agriculture, hypoallergenic, 100% vegan, label protection of animals. In this spirit, the brand offers a full range of effective care that is healthy, affordable and tasty.

To find the best combinations of assets, Green Energy Organics has combined the strength of traditional medicines (Ayurveda, homeopathy) scientific research in laboratories to ensure the safety of its users.

From these bases, we obtain care for vibrant colors, smells and textures more delicious and enjoyable. All the senses are then asked for our pleasure. The eye loves those colors, these original packaging and very aesthetic nose is bewitched by the enchanting fragrance - spicy chocolate, red fruit sorbet or orange blossom, and the skin is delighted by the gel texture, fresh and mouth dream to taste these products so all is tempting.

The spirit Bio is particularly appreciated, since its inception, for people with allergies since all products are hypoallergenic. For best results, all formulas are tested by the University of Pavia, specializing in dermatology, for a full year.

Thus, the products are made from natural ingredients, safe for the skin and can be used by all.
All formulations are free of chemicals and have therefore been awarded the Ecocert. The raw materials used in products are all from organic farming for vegetables. Minerals are also guaranteed to be natural. The strength of Green Energy Organics is this: research has found in nature, all the ingredients necessary for safe products, natural but beautiful than conventional cosmetics.

Tags: Green Energy Organics; origin and history of Green Energy Organics; Wilma Scarton

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